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Interact In English – Work Book

Interact In English

Work Book

Class IX

Interact In English – Work Book : A Textbook for English Communicative Class-IX


UNIT 1 :  VERB FORMSIntegrative Grammar PracticeUNIT 2 :   DETERMINERSIntegrative Grammar PracticeUNIT 3 :   FUTURE TIME REFERENCEIntegrative Grammar PracticeUNIT 4 : MODALS UNIT 5 : connectorsIntegrative Grammar PracticeUNIT 6 :  THE PaSSIVEIntegrative Grammar PracticeUNIT 7 : REpORTED SPEECHIntegrative Grammar PracticeUNIT 8 :   PREPOSITIONS Integrative Grammar Practice7SAMPLE QUESTIONS Download Links: Note: The Book is available in PDF Format, you need Adobe Reader to open this.