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CBSE Formative Assessment for Social Science (Class IX)

Formative Assessment

Social Science

Class IX

In Social Sciences the comprehensive and continuous evaluation has opened up a truly alternative way to assess and evaluate learning by children. The process is such that it is meant to encourage continuous review of the learning process and develop regular working and study habits among student. This would help in developing the attitude to not to look only for external motivation through grades but also enjoy the process of acquiring knowledge without consciously being aware of it. This approach is more participative with teachers sharing with the children how they are to be evaluated and support the process ( to choose projects, guide debates, help with references ) and give feed back( suggest ways to improve and change) and parents helping( through their own experiences, by visits and reading). Until recently Social Science was viewed as providing unnecessary details about the past. It was also felt that the examination paper rewards the memorisation of these superfluous ‘facts’, with the children’s conceptual understanding being largely ignored. This view now needs to be changed, for the CCE provides the space to guide the learning process).



UNIT 1 : INDIA AND THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD – 1 TERM-I Section-I Events and Processes Chapter-1 The French Revolution Chapter-2 Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution Chapter-3 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler TERM-II Section-II LIvelihoods, Economies and Societies Chapter-4 Forest society and colonialism Chapter-5 Pastoralists in the Modern World Chapter-6 Peasants and Farmers Section-III Every day Life, Culture and Politics Chapter-7 History and Sport : The Story of Cricket Chapter-8 Clothing : A Social History


UNIT 2 : INDIA : LAND AND PEOPLE TERM-I Chapter-1 India-Size & Location Chapter-2 Physical features of India Chapter-3 Drainage UNIT 1 : INDIA AND THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD – 1 UNIT 2 : INDIA : LAND AND PEOPLE TERM-II Chapter-4 Climate Chapter-5 Natural vegetation and Wild life Chapter-6 Population

Political Science

UNIT 3 : DEMOCRATIC POLITICS -1 TERM-I Chapter-1 Democracy in the Contemporary World Chapter-2 What is democracy ? Why democracy? Chapter-3 Constitutional Design TERM-II Chapter-4 Electoral Politics Chapter-5 Working of the Institutions Chapter-6 Democratic Rights


UNIT 4 : UNDERSTANDING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TERM-I Chapter-1 The story of village Palampur Chapter-2 People as a resource TERM-II Chapter-3 Poverty as a challenge facing India Chapter-4 Food security in India

Disaster Management

UNIT 5 : DISASTER MANAGEMENT TERM-I Chapter-1 Getting Acquainted with Disaster Management Chapter-2 Specific Hazards and Mitigation TERM-II Chapter-3 Preventing common Human Induced Disasters Chapter-4 Community Planning for Disaster Management

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