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CBSE Formative Assessment for Mathematics (Class IX)

Formative Assessment


Class IX

After the introduction of CCE in schools affiliated to CBSE in class IX during 2009-10, the Board felt it necessary to provide a holistic picture of CCE to all the stakeholders, particularly the teachers. Hence a Teacher’s Manual on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation – Class IX & X was brought out. Besides giving detailed information about the scheme of CCE, fundamentals of assessment of co-scholastic and scholastic areas, dimensions of school-based assessment and tools and techniques of evaluation for formative and summative purposes have also been included in the manual. The term-wise split up of weightage for formative and summative assessments has also been provided in the manual. As a sequel to this publication, the Board decided to bring out a series of manuals to provide exemplar and illustrative materials on Formative Assessment in Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Science for classes IX and X. Detailed guidelines with specifications for Summative Assessment have already been provided to schools. It is the formative assessment that needs to be strengthened and hence these manuals.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  • School Based Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation and formative Assessment
  • Description of Formative Assessment Tasks and Rubric for Assessment
  • Distribution of Content Unit alongwith Math Lab Activities
  • Chapter-1 Number System 1
  • Chapter-2 Polynomials 13
  • Chapter-3 Coordinate Geometry 29
  • Chapter-4 Linear Equations in Two Variables 45
  • Chapter-5 Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry 65
  • Chapter-6 Lines and Angles 72
  • Chapter-7 Triangles 92
  • Chapter-8 Quadrilateral 103
  • Chapter-9 Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles 114
  • Chapter-10 Circles 123
  • Chapter-11 Constructions 145
  • Chapter-12 Heron’s Formula 147
  • Chapter-13 Surface Areas & Volumes 154
  • Chapter-14 Statistics 160
  • Chapter-15 Probability 169
  • Project Work 177

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