Innovation Universities in India

In India, during the recent days, the education is getting reformed in various forms. However, the change is for a good cause; it is done to meet international standards in the curriculum; versatile exposure in the educational practices, etc.

One such reform is the ‘Innovation Universities’ in India. Everybody is waiting for the 14 innovation universities that are going to get established in India in the near future. The objectives of the universities would be to accomplish a dynamic educational system, thereby setting up a benchmark globally. These universities would aim in providing a dynamic curriculum; comprising both practical and theoretical knowledge, rather concentrating only on the book syllabus. Further, many opportunities would be granted to the students, regarding the selection of subjects, fields, etc. they may even choose subjects from different fields. Hence, the focus is entirely on fostering knowledge, than mere curriculum. This major step is been taken to change the flaws in the existing curriculum; many people, including scientists, parents, scholars, students… have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the prevailing educational system in the country. Another important point is that any student from across the world can apply to any of these universities; no constraints are there to stop them from applying, but provided they satisfy the following mandatory qualifications:

  • Admissions would be based on their previous academic year performances and their academic records.
  • Must qualify the entrance examinations that test their cognitive capabilities like, Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE); Common Aptitude Test (CAT)…

The procedures have not been confirmed, but it is likely to follow similar kind of rules. Thus a quality inflow of people is made sure to enter these universities. The culture shouldn’t be a barrier for education; hence it is planned to get implemented internationally; inviting people from all over the world. This would even create an exposure to different cultures. Each of the universities would be getting involved in the research and development of a particular field; this may vary from human resource to agriculture, etc. but none of the two universities would resemble in their research activities; thereby exploring and getting excelled in different areas. These universities would be operating independently and would be an autonomous university, by their own. They won’t share a common syllabus; however the syllabus could be related among the universities. These universities would also bear an infrastructure facility, which could be compatible to the international standards.

Scholarship facilities would also be provided to the top 20% students; loan facilities would also be available to the students, depending on their economical status. The fact that the United Kingdom has committed to support the development of these universities has in turn paved way to the anxiety, which are the British universities that are going to get into the deals of these universities; it is also said that 8 British universities would merge with these universities in research and development; infrastructure design support; academic excellence, etc.

Accomplishing such universities into practice would be a dream come true for India. Great applause to the Indian government for coming up with creative ideas in improving the standard of living of the people, as improvisations and enhancements in the education would indirectly enhance the people lives. The fact that it has understood the rigidness of the present education system and trying to accomplish a positive change, in order to make it more dynamic and versatile, should be really appreciated!

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June 25th, 2019 - Tuesday

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