CBSE's New Exam Pattern in Class 10th and 12th from 2020

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CBSE's New Exam Pattern in Class 10th and 12th from 2020
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The Central Board of Secondary Education of working on changing the pattern of examination for both 10th and 12th standards. This will improve the quality of education within the students and they will have to focus more on the analytical skill than the rote pattern of education. The pattern will reduce the rote pattern of learning among the students and most of the question will be short and crisp in nature. The stress for the students is not what they learn but how they learn and how they increase their analytical skill while answering the questions.

The CBSE Board is planning to set the question papers with short questions and the marks against each question will be between 1 to 5. In this pattern of question paper students will have to strictly probe in the critical analytical skill which will test their real time abilities rather than the usual rote pattern of study.

The exam will be divided into two parts- Vocational and Main subject tests. Vacation exams will start from the month of February and since the numbers of students in Vocational stream is less the exam will get over in the same month. The Main subject exams will start from the following month of March.  The evaluation of papers will take place with more time in hands and the result will come out by May-June 2020.

Ministry of Human Resource and Development is still working on this process and the once it is decided the CBSE Board will announce the new pattern of examination.  The examination pattern will be applicable for both class 10th and 12th students. The MHRD is throwing some light on the examination pattern because the scoring percentage amongst the students in the board is very high which causes trouble during getting admission in Under Graduate level.

This change will not only improve the quality of education within the country but will increase the thinking ability of the students from Class 8 onwards. Some guardians think that the change should not happen drastically as this might impact the children’s mind and capability instead the pattern should be implemented from standard 8 onwards for easy adaptability of the children.  The Policy makers and the Board had submitted the Bill to the ministry and now it their call to implement pattern to make the future generation brighter and more competitive in the world market.

We would love to hear your opnion and views on this in the comments below.

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