CBSE to introduce Psychological Aptitude Test

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CBSE Aptitude Test

In order to assess the ability of students, the CBSE will introduce a psychological aptitude test for class X on the lines of similar exams held in other parts of the world.

CBSE will hold this exam under Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI). CBSE's SGAI incharge Rama Sharma said, "The exam will be held for class X and the first paper might be on January 15, 2011. The interested students have to pay Rs 100 to appear in the exam."

The main aim of holding the exam is to know about the students' interest, their psychology and their skill levels, Sharma said.

This exam is based on a scientific index which will tell about the interest of students. On the basis of findings of the test, the students can choose the subject of their interest in class XI, Sharma said, adding that such exams take place at school levels in US and UK.

With this exam, the students would be able to self-assess and teachers can make positive communication with them, Sharma said.

The written exam, which will be held for two or two-and-a-half hours, will assess the student's scientific, numeric, social, behavioural, art aptitude and personality.

Several workshops regarding the exam has been held in Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubneshwar, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Mumbai. On the basis of workshops, response has been demanded from schools.

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