CBSE Aptitude Test (SGAI) for Class X Students

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CBSE Aptitude Test

After switching from marks and yearly exams to grades and Continued and Comprehensive Examination (CCE) system, the CBSE is set to introduce a new aptitude test for students.

Students' Global Aptitude Index (SGAI),the first ever aptitude assessment system developed by the CBSE, will be available to students in all 10,000 schools affiliated to the board to help them make better career choices. The first SGAI will be held on January 15, 2011. Students will have to pay a Rs 100 fee to take the test.

SGAI is a two-and-half hour paper and pencil test that will help determine a Class X student's scientific, numerical, social, behavioural science and art aptitudes, among others. Customised for Indian students, CBSE's SGAI will differ from conventional aptitude tests -- which help determine a student's professional orientation -- in that it will determine his or her subject orientations at +2 level.

SGAI is aimed to empower a student with "self knowledge" in terms of aptitude and interest to enable him or her to make informed decisions about which subjects to pursue at the +2 level.

As the SGAI intends to reduce the mismatch between aptitude and interest, it will further help "optimise a student's potential, enhance satisfaction, increase motivation and reduce wastage of human and financial resources," says a CBSE circular.

“The test will help parents, teachers and students to initiate a dialogue on subject choices leading to careers ahead in life. However, SGAI results, taken together with the assessment from other sources, will help students and parents in making informed choices,” the circular adds. “Mental preparedness and sincere responses are the pre-requisites for this test. SGAI scores may depend upon a child’s environmental stimulus and motivation level.”

SGAI has already been tested on a sample of secondary students drawn from100 CBSE schools across the country. The decision to conduct the test rests with schools. For those interested, CBSE will conduct training workshops to familiarise the principals and teachers with the new concept.


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