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Wrong Questions in CBSE Exams

Incomplete Maths Question

Class XII students from NCR appearing for Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exams were in for a shock during their mathematics paper on Monday as one question was incomplete in two sets of paper, i.e Set I and III. The question number 26 of set number 65/3 states: ‘‘Find the intervals in which the following function is (a) strictly increasing (b) strictly decreasing’’, where the function is missing. The same question for the Delhi schools have the function as ‘Sin x Cos x’.Question No. 29 in Set I and No. 26 in Set III were incomplete. The questions were worth six marks.

CBSE officials admitted the question was indeed incomplete in two sets and that the expert committee for marking scheme of the board would come out with a solution in a couple of days.

Controller of examinations, CBSE, M C Sharma, said, ‘‘We have made the observation on what happened today (Monday) and placed it before the expert committee, which will decide as to how to evaluate those students who faced this incomplete question.’’

Akshaya, a student from Noida, said, ‘‘We don’t know whether we will get any marks or not as without the function one can’t even proceed with any step.’’