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JNTU MSc (Mathematics) Syllabus


Discipline -4


( Systems Theory & Computer Modeling) 1.     Algebra:Sets, Equivalence classes, Functions, Groups, Rings and Flolds, Vector spaces, Matrices, Determinates, Polynomials, Roots of a Polynomial.
  1. Number Theory:Congruence’s, Theorems of Fermat and Wilson.
  2. Analysis: Functions, Limit Continuity hand Differentiability of Functions Rolle’s Theorem, Mean value theorems, Integrations, Curvature, Envelopes, Maxima and Minima. Indeterminant forms.  Partial differentiation Convergence and Divergence
4.      Co-ordinate Geomentry of Two and Three dimensions: Standard forms of ellipse, parabola and hyperbola, tangent, normal, Pole and Polar, Pair of tangents, equation of chord and terms of its middle points.  Direction consines of a line, plane and sphere. 5.      Differential Equations: Formation of ordinary differential equations, Standard methods of solving first and second order differential equations, partial differential equations, formation.  Four standard forms.  Lad range’s methods of solving partial differential equations. 6.    Vectors: Scalar and Vector products of Vectors.