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CBSE Syllabus in Arabic for Class XI

Arabic Syllabus

Code No. 116

Class XI

One Paper                                                                                          20, ARABIC

3 Hours                                                                                              Marks : 100

Unit/Areas of Learning Marks Periods
A   Advanced Reading Skills 10 35
8.   Effective Writing Skills 20 45
C.   Applied Grammar 20 45
D.   Literature 50 85
LANGUAGE: 10 Section A : Advanced Reading Skills 1.    An unseen passage of 100 words followed by 3-4 short questions to test comprehension. 2 marks may be allocated for testing vocabulary, 1 mark may be allocated for providing a suitable heading. Section B : Effective Writing Skills In this section various questions on given input will be asked as under: (i)      Letter Writing (General) (ii)     Summary of lesson from Text-book (80-100 words) (iii)   Writing a longer composition such as an essay article or speech of 100-150 words Section C : Applied Grammar Variety of questions as listed below will be included involving the application of grammar items in syllabus: (i)      Thulaathi Mujarrad (six Abwaab only) (ii)     Jumla Khabariyya and Inshaiyyah. (iii)   Tawaabe; Taakeed and Badal. (iv)   Mustathna, Mustathna Minhu and Huroof-ul-lstithnaa. (v)    Some Mansoobaat: Haal, Zul-Haal, Tamyiz and La Li-Nafyil-Jins. Suggested Periods 35 Abwaab Thulaathi Mazid Fih’ (1)  if’aai (2)  Taf eel (3)  Tafa”ui (4)  Tafaa’ul (5)  ifti’aai (6)  Mufaa’alah, (7)  infi’aa! (8)  Istif aal (NS: Teach ali abwaab however the student should be examined in the following Abwaab only 1, 2, 3, 5 & 8). (vii) Af aal Madh and Dhamm, (viii)Fi’l Ta’ajjub. (ix) Kinds of Mabni and Mu’rab. LITERATURE (Prose and Poetry) Prescribed Book : Minhaj al-Ta’lim al-Thanawi al-‘Ali (A Textbook for Arabic Class XI) by CBSE Textbook Committee of Arabic, CBSE, year 2010 – Edition, CBSE, 17, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi-110002