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CBSE CCE Syllabus of Typewriting (English/Hindi) for Class X

Typewriting (English/Hindi)

Class X

(CODE NO. 354)

Term I Marks
I    Functions of important parts of Typewriter II    Elementary knowledge about display of letters and tabulation-margin setting, centering, headings, subheadings 20 20
Total Marks 40
Term II Marks
III Knowledge of cutting stencils and use of correcting fluid 15
IV Simple proof correction symbols 15
V   Standard abbreviations 15
VI Speed development exercises. 15
Total Marks 60
Term I Marks
Theory Examination: one theory paper of 2 hour duration. Practical Examination Accuracy Test : (A passage of approx. 200 words to be typed in 20 min.) Simple letter of approx. 150 words to be typed in 40 min. 20 40
Total Marks 60
Term II Marks
One Theory Paper of 2 hours duration 20
Practical examination
1. Stencil cutting 1 question 10
2. Proof correction signs 1 question 10
3. Standard abbreviations 1 question 10
4. Speed passage 1 question 30
Total Marks 80