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Studying Tips

Last-Minute Studying Tips for Board Exams

Believe in yourself: If you have prepared well for the exam, do not worry unnecessarily. Only, make sure you have the right perspective. If you think that anything less than 90% is a failure, you are creating unnecessary stress for yourself. Don’t bottle up: Confiding in someone you trust is a great way of alleviating stress. Right perspective: The board exam may seem to be the most important thing right now, but in the bigger scheme of your life its plays a small role.


  • Enrich your environment with light, inspiring messages, flowers and plants.
  • Avoid distractions. This will help you to concentrate better.
  • Discipline yourself. There is no substitute for self-control and discipline. It is not a restriction of your freedom. Instead, it enables you to be a confident learner.
  • Be persistent.
  • Analyse the task and divide it into smaller study tasks to experience success.
  • Take frequent tests to evaluate yourself.
  • Use your intelligence to create study tools to learn and memorise.


  • Keep aside enough time to revise so that you don’t get into a situation of lastminute cramming. This approach will boost your confidence and reduce any pre-exam stress
  • Work on a timetable so that you can track and monitor your progress. Make sure you allow time for fun and relaxation so that you avoid burning out
  • As soon as you notice you are losing concentration, take a short break
  • Experiment with alternative revision techniques so that revising is more fun and your motivation to study is high
  • Don’t drink too much coffee, tea and soft drinks. The caffeine may blur your capacity to think clearly. Eat healthy food. The nutrients will help you
  • Regular and moderate exercise will boost your energy, clear your mind and reduce stress
  • Try out yoga or other relaxation techniques. They will help you stay and sleep better. That will improve your concentration level

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.”   – Lord Alexander

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