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CBSE in Nepal

CBSE Nepal

Nepal is not only known for the altitude of its mountains, but also known for the depth of its CBSE foundation!

Nepal has got huge CBSE base, as there are plenty of CBSE schools in Nepal. The same principle of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) of the CBSE board has also implemented in the CBSE schools of Nepal too. Thus, if you have a look at the Nepal CBSE syllabus, you could for sure accept the dynamic nature of the academics that is been provided to the students. The CBSE schools in Nepal comprises of a comprehensive package of academic activities, co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, and many more. Some CBSE schools include a general knowledge paper portraying the beauty and history of Nepal. The CBSE has exclusively prepared the CCE syllabus, comprising of the formative and summative assessments, which are been designed with more focus on grammar, comprehension, reading skills, writing skills, co-curricular activities, like project work, assignments, quiz programs, debates, etc… Further, in addition to all these programs, it also consists of extra activities, such as, dramas, recitation, diary work, etc… Some CBSE schools are also offering college preparation programs like, providing coaching for SAT, TOEFL preparation, advanced career counseling, regarding career placements, etc… The CBSE is known for its standard and quality till date and recently is becoming more popular with its many innovations like international board of CBSE, implementation of CCE kind of syllabus for the 9th and 10th standards of the CBSE board, etc… Hence, there is no wonder in the fact that Nepal is attracting more foreign students, every year! Since, there are numerous CBSE schools in Nepal, one can use the CBSE school codes to find the authenticity of the CBSE schools in Nepal.