CBSE Schools in Sikkim

There are around 211 schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Sikkim. Find below a list of at most 50 schools in an unordered manner.

Legship, West Sikkim West District

Heegyathang Dt- Mangan North Sikkim

Tadong Gangtok Sikkim

Soreyong West Sikkim

Middle Camp East Sikkim

Passingdong North Sikkim

Gangyap, West Sikkim, Sikkim West District

Sreebudam West Sikkim

Temi Via- Singtam South Sikkim

Ranipool East Sikkim

Central Pendam Via- Rangpo Duga East Sikkim

Luing East Sikkim

Rumtek Rawtey East Sikkim

Near Icar Complex Po Tadang Gangtok Sikkim

Pelling Gyalshing West Sikkim West District

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