CBSE Schools in Nagaland

There are around 32 schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Nagaland. Find below a list of at most 50 schools in an unordered manner.

2 1/2 Mile Darogapathar Dimapur Nagaland

School Artc 3rd Mile Dimapur Nagaland

Wakching P.O, Distt Mon Nagaland Mon

Thahekhu/ Kevijau Dimapur

Punglwa P.O., Peren District Peren

Lumami Zunhedoto P O Mokakchung Box No.12 Nagaland University Lumani

Po Naginimora Distt Moh Nagaland

Kiphire, Nagaland Kiphire

Zakhama Stn. Hqrs. Zakhama C/o 1764 Fpo C/o 99 Apo, Nagaland Kohima

Rangapahar Military Station Dimapur Nagaland

B P O Chare Via- Mokokchung Dt - Tuensang Nagaland

Crpf Camp Lerie Hill Kohima Nagaland Kohima

Rangapahar Cantt. Hq 3 Corps 939 (Fpo) C/o 99 Apo Dimapur Nagaland Dimapur

Jalukie-B, Peren, Nagaland Peren

Nihokhu, Dimapur, Nagaland Dimapur

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