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 Online Textbook Rental in India

Knowledge is power and comes through learning and education. Knowledge comes through books. Colleges and institutions offer a variety of courses and any ambitious youth will need to have access to information and knowledge in the form of printed books. The more books he reads, the more knowledgeable he becomes.

The only deterring factor here is availability and cost. Cost of education itself has become very expensive these days and then the added burden of buying a number of books every year will simply be crippling or impossible for most students.

The need for affordable books is a vacuum waiting to be filled, and there are a number of entrepreneurs who have jumped at this opportunity and are offering affordable textbooks on rent. This is one of the best solutions for a student looking to expand his knowledge base. And by renting out the books over and over again the entrepreneur may get more and continuing returns on his investment. There are quite a few side benefits to this aspect of taking books on rent.

  • Students can actually save quite a significant sum by going for cheap textbooks rentals as the price of rental books are 50% to 85% less than list price. Also, you have access to a larger number of books.
  • Secondly, if you buy old books, you might face the problem of missing pages, torn pages, handwritten notes, text highlighting, etc. Such books don’t encourage you to read them. However, if you rent books, you won’t face any such problem as cheap textbook rentals are in good condition as compared to old books.
  • You will not have the problem of having to sell old books once done with; he simply returns them to the textbook rental agency. To sell old books means making a loss as the return is considerably less than what you have paid for them.
  • You do not need to make a trip to the library, only to return disappointed that the particular book which he was looking for is taken by someone else and will not be available for some time
  • And above all is the environment aspect. To serve the ever increasing number of students a huge number of books would have to be printed over and over again. By renting out books one saves the environment as a lot of paper is saved.

Rent books for college in India

The study system in India now follows the international trends where students simply have to do a lot of reading, refer a lot of sources and come up with a thesis for their degree course. As stated earlier it is not easy to get all the books from a library or even a bookshop. A smart student nowadays checks with an online agency which rent books for colleges in India; and there are quite a few offering a range of international authors and their books to students in India at an affordable rent. Rental book agencies alone can offer a cost-effective workable solution to this requirement.

Important Points to Remember

There are a few things to keep in mind while taking books on rent and patronizing these cheap textbook rental agencies. Understand their policies and please try to maintain the condition of the books as there will be many others after you who will refer the book. Always try to return the book in time. The fines may be high for delayed returns! A good policy to follow is to never deface the book or mark the pages. Leave the book in its pristine condition. You would not want to get a book that is torn and has missing pages and is marked everywhere, would you?

If renting a book is too much of botheration, you can always consider buying used textbooks. The same cheap textbook rental agencies sell old books. And they will also offer to buy old books from you.