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There are websites providing questions, starting from 8th standard to 12th standard CBSE syllabus; there are also websites providing questions, only for the 10th and 12th standard CBSE syllabus. The advantages of such websites are portrayed, as follows:

  • They offer these tests at free of cost. Hence you could attend, as many tests, as possible to enhance your knowledge.
  • They offer variety of choices in the program, such as, CBSE question papers; CBSE quiz; CBSE tricks and tips; CBSE online guide; CBSE forum; CBSE syllabus; feedbacks and discussions and many more.
  • The most important feature is that the answers would be provided, as soon as you completing the test and opting for the solution features. For example, the questions would be posted for each subject, for example, the English question paper might have an option to choose the number of questions to attend; if I am selecting 50 questions, it would provide me 50 questions on the screen. After attending the 50 questions, it would provide an option namely, ‘Mark the test’. If you select the option, then it would provide the test results. Some websites might even have a feedback option, based on your test results.
  • It provides you the details of the test, such as, marks in percentage; number of wrong questions; marks allotted for each question and the right answers to the same…

The advantages that you could gain from these websites are listed here:

  • Improves your speed.
  • Makes you familiar to different type of strategies; approaching methods, etc.
  • Helps you in training yourself in terms of time and efficiency.
  • Enhances knowledge; exposes you to forums, discussions, debates, etc. which in turn induces incepts of different people, regarding the CBSE preparation. Hence, you would be aware of what’s going around the CBSE exam preparations; syllabus…
  • You could also join in the live chat, or discussions regarding CBSE; you could also get clear with your questions, if any.
  • Such networks would have many seniors and alumni, who would be in a better position to guide you; their tips and practice strategies, might help you.
  • You could gain more exposures, through the discussion forums of such websites.
  • Sometimes, you could also come to know about some significant changes in the syllabus, question patters; important tips of problem approaches, etc.

CBSE Online Quiz

All you need is to have an internet connection and time to look at such webs. Even, if you are bored with continuous study, then you could probably take these CBSE tests and quiz programs online, like a kind of diversion mechanism; this would enhance your knowledge, at the same time would refresh your mind. But, you should choose the best websites to undergo these tests, as some websites might have projected wrong syllabus; their own type of questions (unrelated); wouldn’t have updated to the present CBSE standards… if you are not careful in choosing your websites, it may end up wasting your time and energy. This is definitely a considerable option for the students, as it is free and knowledgeable and you could also improve yourself, by testing your capabilities, right from sitting at your home, or any comfortable place.