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CBSE Sample Paper of Typewriting for Class IX



Part I (I Term)

Summative Assessment I for the first term (April – September, 2010) One Theory Paper                           2 hours                 20 marks One Practical Paper                           1 hour                   60 marks
  1. A. Design of the Question Paper for the Theoretical Examination.
  1. The question paper will include questions from the following topics –
a)      Knowledge of Keyboard (second row, first row, third row and number row). b)      Methods of Typewriting (Sight Method and Touch Method)
  1. Weightage to different forms of questions.
Forms of questions Marks for each question No. of questions Total Marks
Very short answer 1 05 05
Short answer 2 05 10
Long answer 5 01 05
Total 11 20
Note:  Internal choice is provided in the long answer question only. B.            Practical Examination Keyboard Operation:    words –      20 marks                         1 Question                          20 marks Keyboard Operation:   sentences –  40 marks                      1 Question                          40 marks 60 marks

Sample Question Paper

Typewriting (English/ Hindi) Code No.354 Theory Paper Class IX Summative 1 TIME : 2 hours                                                                                               Max. Marks 20 Instructions
  1. 1. This question paper has 11 questions in all.  All questions are compulsory.
  2. 2. Marks are indicated against each question.
  3. 3. Questions from serial numbers 1 to 5 are of 1 mark each.  Answer of these questions may be from one word to one sentence.
  4. 4. Questions from serial numbers 6 to 10 are of 2 marks each.  Answer of these questions should not exceed 60 words each.
  5. 5. Question No.11 is a long answer question.  Answer of this question should not exceed 120 words.
Q 1.        How many keys are there on Home Row?                                                                            1 Q.2         How many methods of typewriting are there?                                                                   1 Q.3         Which key is used to typewrite the capital letters?                                                           1 Q.4         How many rows are there on the Keyboard?                                                                      1 Q.5         Name the part used for leaving space between two words.                                         1 Q.6         What do you understand by Touch Method of Typewriting?                                        2 Q.7         What do you mean by Sight Method of typewriting?                                                       2 Q.8         Name the Home Keys.                                                                                                                  2 Q.9         Explain different line-spacing.                                                                                                    2 Q.10       Which alphabets are located on the Third Row of the Keyboard?                                               2 Q.11       Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Touch Method and Sight Method of Typewriting. OR Write short notes on any two:                                                                            2 ½ x 2 =5 a)      Shift Key b)      Space Bar c)       Number Row Sample Question Paper Typewriting (English/ Hindi) Theory Paper Class IX Time:  2 hrs.                                                                                                                    Max. Marks:   20 Marking Scheme
  1. 10
  2. Two
  3. Shift Key
  4. 4- Four
  5. Space Bar
  6. The method of operating the keys without looking at the Keyboard.
  7. The method of operating the keys by looking at the Keyboard
  8. Home Keys  – a, s, d, f,       ; , l, k, j
  9. There are 3 line-spacing i.e. single-line, double-line and triple-line spacing.  However in modern typewriters, provision of half-line spacing is also there and the typewriting can be done in single, one and a half, double, two and a half and tripple line spacing.
  10. z, x, c,v, (,) Comma,(.)  Full Stop, m, n, b.
  11. Explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of two Methods of Typewriting i.e. Touch Method and Sight Method.
OR Two Short Notes:  Award Two and a Half Marks for each correct Short Note.