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CBSE Class IX Foundation of Information Technology Sample Paper

Foundation of Information Technology

Sample Question Paper (Code : 165)


Time: 3hours                                                                                                                                                     M.M.: 80

SECTION A 1             Yogyata has made documentation manual for her new 3D game. The content is ready but she wants to add attractive borders on each page. Name the feature of the Word Processor, which will help her to achieve the same without devoting much time to designing. 2             Ramanuj Saman is interested in storing data in an organized manner of his monthly expenditure for a period of one year in his annual budget document. He does not wish to perform any calculations and analysis. Which feature of a word processor will you suggest Ramanuj to use for this purpose? 3             Name the type of printer to be used for printing text and graphics together with high speed but at low cost. 4             Name the input device used to sense and read thick and thin black stripes present on the items usually sold at supermarkets. 5     Ms. Menon has bought a new Inkjet printer. She has connected it to her computer with the help of a USB cable and has switched the printer on. Now, when she is giving the Print command, the printer is not printing, what else is Ms. Menon required to do? 6             Phantom is a computer programmer, who is developing a small software for a retail chain. Unfortunately, the shop owner is not able to provide him an internet connection; Phantom carries different modules of this software, installs in the computers connected in various shops and carries sample data back with him for testing. Which storage device will you suggest to him to use for this purpose? This device should have high storage capacity and should be re-writeable. 7             Taruni Dhar, a chemistry teacher is typing her Chemistry Assingment and she needs to type in chemical representation of Sulfuric Acid as H2S04. But, when she is typing, it is appearing as H2S04. Which formatting feature will help her to see 2 and 4 numbers in the desired format. 8             Kanan Ajawani is a computer professional and has started writing a book on his own “Experiences on Computer”. He does not have a good command in English Language and cannot afford to hire an editor for the book, which two features of Word Processor he should use for basic language corrections. 9             Raabyaanka has setup a new Desktop Publishing business. She feels that she should try out a few software and see their strengths and weaknesses before purchasing them. Which category of software out of proprietary or shareware will serve her purpose for the trial? 10           Name the toolbar, which has all the options of changing the font properties. 11           Name the tool of a word processor that helps in copying formats and applying it to selected text. 12           Name a feature of a word processor, to help the Computer Operator to add Graphical Images in the documents. 13           Compare free open source software and proprietary software with respect to customization of software and license fee. 14           Navleena is interested in transferring few Songs from her mobile phone to Satyam’s mobile phone. Suggest two suitable and simplest wireless options she may opt for doing the same. 15           Jolly Picson is a steno in a company, she wants to create a draft letter with spaced out lines for her boss, to read and correct the same. Also she wants to use pound sign £ in the letter. Suggest, which two features of Word Processor, she should use for the same. Let us assume the Actual Content is follows: Dear Sir, With reference to your letter KTNR/PQ/2010-11/124 dated 23-June-2010,1 am here to submit the response. Our gadget RT-2134 is made for electric supply of 110 Volts and will not work at 220 Volts. Special switch fitted inside the gadget trips when it gets a supply of 220 Volts. Kindly use appropriate converter to use our gadget. If you need our engineer to come to rectify the problem, the additional charges will be £4500. We assure you for further assistance if so required. Thanks for using our gadget. Sincerely Your Ramtan Jhangaari It should appear as this for quick correction by the boss Dear Sir, With reference to your letter KTNR/PQ/2010-11/124 dated 23-June-2010,1 am here to submit the response. Our gadget RT-2134 is made for electric supply of 110 Volts and will not work at 220 Volts. Special switch fitted inside the gadget trips when it gets a supply of 220 Volts. Kindly use appropriate converter to use our gadget. If you need our engineer to come to rectify the problem, the additional charges will be £4500. We assure you for further assistance if so required. Thanks for using our gadget. Sincerely Your Ramtan Jhangaari 16           Differentiate between RAM and ROM 17           Differentiate between File and Folder 18           Which of the following is essentially required for recording and playing back audio in a computer system:
a) Bar Code Reader
c) Microphone
d) Printer
e) Digital Camera
f) Speaker
g) Joystick
h) Light Pen
19           Which device can be used to click and directly save a photo in JPG format? Also mention which port of the computer system is normally used to connect this device? 20           Differentiate between a text editor and a word processor. 21           Arrange the following memory units in ascending order of their storage capacities. Kilo Byte, Byte, Tera Byte, Mega Byte 22           From the following list identify the features which are available in a Word Processing Software:
i) Spell Check facility
ii) Auto Correct feature
iii) Adding Voice over and Animation
iv) Adding Watermarks/Backgrounds
v) Macros
vi) Numerical Calculations
23     Identify which of the following can be categorized as Secondary Memory devices:
a) Keyboard
b) Printer
c) Hard Disk
e) Mouse
1) Plotter
g) DVD
h) Pen Drive
24          Ms. Meeramani has recently joined a construction company as Marketing Executive. She wants to create a report on her accomplishments. Using your documentation skills, suggest the features to accomplish the following: i)             Add the page number at the bottom of each page. ii)            Add the company name as a background on each page. iii)           Mention her achievements as a numbered list iv)          Mention the advantage of her working strategy in comparison to earlier plan in a grid format v)           Review the document before finally printing it. 25          Name one specific software/tool for each of the following category: a)           Antivirus software b)           Encryption Tool c)           Operating System d)           Disk Utility Software e)           Browser 26          Identify the correct application software (out of Accounting Management, Reservation System, HR Management, Attendance System, Payroll System, School Inventory Control System, Billing System) for performing the following tasks/places: a)            Restaurant food order counter b)            Daily Employee Presence and Absence Record Monitoring c)            Computation of salary of workers d)            Managing records of Purchase and Issue of items in school e)            Budgeting and Maintenance of Financials in an organization f)             Booking for air tickets 27 Following is a text document containing a letter. The line numbers are given on the right hand side of the lines of the document. Observe the following document and answer the questions from (i) to (iii): From: Customer Help Manager, Fountain Spray Corporation New City Date: 31st March, 2009 To Yanran Philip R-900, JalyaanVihar King Nagar Subject: Reply to Complaint no. A-349562 Dear Madam This is with reference to your complaint no A-349562 with regard to our Automatic Spray System Model 978. We would like to inform you the following:
  1. The defect informed by you is not covered in our Warranty Terms.
  2. The defective part is required to be imported from Japan.
    1. As a privileged customer of ours, company will be able to give 50% discount on the part along with free installation at your premises.
Kindly let us know your decision in this regard. In your best service! Sincerely Your Anika Palan [email protected] www.AutoSpray978.com i)      From the above document, identify the lines and write the line numbers for: a.        line(s) that are right aligned. b.        line(s) that are justified. c.        line(s) that are using the Italics feature to format text. d.        line(s) that are using the Bold feature to highlight text. e.        line(s) that are using the Underline feature to highlight text. f.         line(s) that have used the center alignment feature to improve the presentation of text. g.        line(s) that have used the numbered list feature to improve the presentation of text. h.        line(s) that contains an e-mail address. ii)           The manager wants to check the spellings and grammatical errors made by him before finally sending the letter. Name the feature which will help the manager achieve the same. iii)          Name the feature used to insert the signature of the Customer Help Manager In line 28.
SECTION B A Bank Cheque or Bank Draft generally contains a specially printed number on it. Which of the following technique is used to read the special characters: a)            MICR b)            OCR c)            OMR d)            Light Pen You want to apply to an institution for a scholarship and you want to email them your application along with the copies of your certificates. Which of the following device you prefer to capture the Digital Copy of your certificates to be attached with your application: a)            Joystick b)            Scanner c)            Printer d)            Light Pen
This is a port generally found at the back side of your CPU. Identify the device, which we connect at this port: a.            Printer b.            Keyboard c.            Mouse d.            Monitor Out of the following, who do you think is the most probable user of a Light Pen? a)     Computer Programmer b)           Graphic Designer c)           Artist d)           Computer Operator 32.         Antivirus Software is an example of: a)           Application Software b)           Office Software c)           Operating System d)           Utility Software 33.         Suppose you have bought all hardware components required for assembling a Computer. After assembling the Computer System, which will be the very first software to be installed: a)           Hardware Drivers b)           Operating System c)           Anti Virus Software d)           Word Processing Software 34.         Which of the following is not a function of an operating system? a.            File Management b.            Memory Management c.            Resource Management d.            Database Management 35.         Which of the following is/are GUI based Operating System: a.            MS DOS b.            UNIX c.            Windows 3.1 d.            Windows Vista 36.         In a document, in order to type ‘2‘ in the mathematical expression A.X2+B.X+C=0, which one of the following options you would use? a)            Insert Clipart b)            Subscript c)            Italics Style d)            Superscript 37.         In a document, Sachin has to change all occurrences of the word ‘Calcutta’ with ‘Kolkata’. Which one of the following options is most appropriate to do the task: a)     Copy & Paste b)           Find & Replace c)           Cut & paste d)           All of the above 38.         Members of ‘Nibbles & Bytes’, the computer club of a school wants to prepare and print a list of Participating Schools in their annual interschool symposium using a word processor. Which of the following office techniques is most appropriate to get the desired results: a)            Copy & Paste b)            Inserting Symbols c)            Bullets & Numbering d)            Cut & Paste 39.         Rehman is typing his Science Project on ‘Sustainable Development’ using word processing software. He wants to add the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’ at the top of each page. Which option he should use: a)            Footer b)            Header c)            Watermark d)            Bullets 40.         A student wants to create a ‘Digital Story Collection’ on the famous storyline ‘Rabbit & the Tortoise’. He has downloaded some images of Rabbit, Tortoise and forest. He wants to add Watermarks, stylish text and images but is not interested in any animation. Which one of the office tool he should use: a)            Word Processing Software b)            Presentation Software c)            Spreadsheet Software d)            Database Management System 41.         Which of the following actions can be performed using the Page Setup option of a Word Processor Tool? a.           Margins b.           Paper Size c.           Page Orientation (Landscape or Portrait) d.           All of the above 42.         To store a file having 20 MB size, which of the following devices can’t be used: a)            Floppy Disk b)            CD c)            DVD d)            Pen Drive 43.    Sam Niza, who was born in 1995, is thinking of a password for her online bank account. Which one of the following you would suggest for strengthening the security of her account: a)            sam95 b)            a99p54c66 c)            samniza1995 d)            sam1995


SECTION A 1              Page Borders                                                                                                                                                                               1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 2              Tables are most suitable for storing and organizing any kind of numerical data.                                    1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 3              Colour Laser printers are most suitable for uses involving high-speed quality prints at low cost.   1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 4              Barcode Reader                                                                                                                                                                         1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 5              Ms. Menon needs to install the driver software for the new printer.                                                               1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 6              Flash drive                                                                                                                                                                                     1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 7              Subscript feature                                                                                                                                                                       1 (1 mark for the correct feature) 8              Spellings Grammar and Thesaurus features                                                                                                              1 (H mark for naming the two features correctly) 9              Shareware                                                                                                                                                                                     1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 10           Formatting toolbar.                                                                                                                                                                    1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 11           Format Painter/Paintbrush                                                                                                                                                    1 (1 mark for the correct answer) 12           Inserting Pictures                                                                                                                                                                       1 (Vz mark for each correct cell name) 13           With respect to customization, the free open source software is better as the user can customize it according to his needs due to the availability of the source code. With respect to license fee, the free open source software is better as the user need not pay any licensing fee to the developer company for using the software. The software is free to be downloaded and used.                                                                                                                                                            2 (1 mark for each correct comparisons) 14           Bluetooth and Infrared                                                                                                                                                            2 (1 mark for each correct wireless option) 15           Jolly should use Line spacing and Insert Symbol features.                                                                                 2 (1 mark for naming each of the two features correctly) 16           Random Access Memory is volatile temporary memory which can be read and written to whereas the Read Only Memory is permanent memory which can only be read.                                                                         2 (2 marks for any one correct differentiation point between the two) 17          A file is an independent document (text file, executable file, word processor document, presentation document etc) of a specific type whereas a folder is a placeholder for storing many files of different types and folders.                                                                                                                     2 (2 marks for any one correct differentiation point between the two) 18           Microphone and Speaker                                                                                                                                                      2 (1 mark each for naming the two correct components) 19           A Digital Camera can be used to click and directly save a photo in JPG format. A USB port/ firewire is normally used to connect this device to the computer system.                                                                        2 (1 mark for naming the correct device) + (1 mark for naming the correct port) 20          A text editor simply allows unformatted text content which can be read and edited whereas a word processor allows formatting capabilities such as bold, italics, paragraph justification, line spacing etc.                                                                                                                                                                          2 (2 marks for any one correct differentiation point between the two) 21           Byte, Kilo Byte, Mega Byte, Tera Byte                                                                                                                          2 ( Vz mark for each correct unit order) 22           Spell Check facility, Auto Correct feature, Adding Watermarks/Backgrounds and Macros are the features available in a Word Processor                                                                                                                                            4 (1 mark for each correctly named feature) 23          Hard Disk, CD ROM, DVD and Pen Drive are Secondary Memory devices.                                         4 (1 mark for naming each device correctly) i)             Footer ii)            Watermark iii)           Bullets and Numbering iv)          Tables v)           Print Preview (1 mark for each correct feature) a)           Vipre b)           WinZip c)           Linux d)           Disk Defragmentor e)           Mozilla Firefox (1 mark for naming each correct software/tool) a)            Billing System b)            Attendance System c)            Payroll System d)            School Inventory Control System e)            Accounting Management f)             Reservation System (1 mark for identifying each correct software type)
a. Line 5 is right aligned.
b. Lines 14,15,19 & 20 are justified.
c. Line 15
d. Lines 2, 7 & 14 have used the Bold feature.
e. Line 20
f. Line 11
g. Lines 17-21
h. Line 31
(1 mark for the correct answer of each of the parts a-, ii)      Spelling and Grammar feature may be used. (1 mark for the correct answer) iii)     Insert picture feature has been used to insert the signature of the Customer Help Manager. (1 mark for the correct answer) SECTION B (MCQ)                                                                              (16)
Answers (MCQ)
28. a
29. b
30. d
31. b
32. d
33. b
34. d
35. d
36. d
37. b
38. c
39. b
40. a
41. d
42. a
43. b
(1 mark for each correct answer)