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CBSE Class X Foundation of Information Technology Sample Paper

Foundation of Information Technology

Sample Question Paper (Code : 165)

Class X TERM-I (2010-11)

Time: 3hours                                                                                                                                                     M.M.: 80

SECTION A 1.            Fill in the blanks:                                                                                                                                                                  [10] 1.1         Internet is a network of_______________________ . 1.2         Primary key is used to_____________ identify the records in a table. 1.3         In a text type data field, we can put maximum____________ characters. 1.4         The address or location of the document on the world wide web is called its__________ . 1.5    _____________ allows customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website. 1.6         Web pages on a site are linked together through a system of_________________ . 1.7    ____________ is the smallest part of a table in which one data item can be kept. 1.8    _____________ is a software used to view web pages. 1.9    __________________ is a collection of related information. 1.10 _________________ is a field when used as a primary key , numbers each record sequentially. 2.            State True and False:                                                                                                                                                        [10] 2.1         A Database can have only one table. 2.2         Memo data type allows you to store character type values in the table. 2.3         TCP helps in converting the digital signal to analog signal and vice versa. 2.4         A Primary Key value can be NULL. 2.5         Chat Rooms are actual rooms where chat session takes place. 2.6         IP address is given to every computer for its unique identification. 2.7         If a piece of data is stored in two places in the database, then storage space is wasted and changing the data in one place will not cause data inconsistency. 2.8         Downloading of files means transferring files from host computer to the Internet. 2.9         The Datasheet view displays the data in a table in a tabular format. 2.10      Altavista is used for searching for available Internet connection. Read the following paragraph. Find six network and communication related abbreviations and give their expanded form along with a single line definition of each of them:                            [10] RBI is planning to expand its connectivity with all major banks of India. The plan includes providing TCP connectivity through HTTP for easy access points and seeks help from some ISPs to join hands in this venture. Also, there is a plan to setup IIS and SMTP servers. Some banks will go for ADSL line while others will use Leased line connectivity to access these services. RBI is also taking help of NT professors in this venture. 4.      Answer the following Questions:                                                                                                                   [2X8 = 16] 4.1.        Sharvan Joshi is a student of Political Science and is a keen researcher of Political issues related to various countries and states. He wants to share his research and his own opinion on these issues on day -to-day basis with everyone one World Wide Web. He is also interested in collecting views of others to enhance his research and knowledge related to his area of interest. He belongs to a middle class family and can’t afford his own website. Also being a non-technical person he can’t create a dynamic website to deal with day-to-day inputs. a.            Suggest an easy way for Shravan to achieve the same. b.            Also name two popularly used free services that can help Shravan in this regard. 4.2.        As life gets busier, it becomes difficult for everyone to keep a track with school & college friends, old colleagues, old neighbours and favourite teachers. It is important to keep in touch with all your near and dear ones. At times, people sitting miles away doing similar kind of activity or solving similar kind of problems can help you to achieve goals faster by sharing their experiences. Similarly people belonging to different socio- economic background can change your perspective and can enhance your understanding of various cultures. a.            Suggest the real time tools that are suitable for the above-mentioned activities. b.            What is the generic name used for such tools? 4.3.        Laleema Chakradhar wants a broadband connection for accessing her mails and staying informed about the latest happenings in the field of Biotechnology. Can you suggest two Internet Service Providers of India to be approached for the same? 4.4.        Identify domain name(s) and URL(s) from the following list:
a. [email protected]
b. doYogaEveryday.com
c. www.doYogaEveryday.com/old/index.html
d. www.PerformingArts_schools.org/backlink.htm
f. http://cbse.nic.in
4.5. Anila works in a Multinational Company and needs to work online from home also. She therefore requires fast Internet connection. Which type of Internet connection in your view would be best suited for her. Apart from browsing on the internet she will be requiring uploading/ downloading of files to/from remote sites. Which protocol will help her to perform this activity? 4.6.        Differentiate between container and empty elements of HTML. 4.7.        Which of the following is not an example of a database? a.            Cross n Knot Game b.            Employee Payroll Management c.            Numeric Calculator d.            Customer Management System 4.8.        Identify the errors and write the corrected HTML statements: a.            <BODY BACKGROUND=”Red”> b.            <FONT> Do as directed:                                                                                                                                                                        [12] 5.1         Pronita is a programmer in an institution and is asked to handle the records containing personal information of the teachers teaching in the institution. Suggest five fieldnames, which you think must be present in the table called Teacherlnfo.                                                                                                                                     [5] 5.2         Look at the table called “Item” given below and answer the question.
Itemld Item Name ItemStock ItemDOP Quantity Purchased
  1. Suggest the data types of all the fields                                                                                        [5]
  2. Which two fields can act as the Primary Key from the above table?                         [1]
Look at the table structures shown below and do as directed:                                                                       [6] 6.1    Identify the column (s) out of the given three, which should not be present in each of the following tables:                                                                                                                                       [1×3 = 3]
1. Table 1: Stock
Item No. Date Of Birth Item Quantity
2. Table 2: Book
Admno Price Accssn No
3. Table 4: Student
FNo Design Cat Phone Number
6.2 Sanchita is working for a nationalized bank and is in the process of creation a table to store the details of customers of the bank. Find out, which of the following Fields of table Bank can be selected as Primary Key, Candidate Key and Alternate Key.    [3]
SECTION B 7       Multiple Choice Questions (Choose most appropriate option)                                                                         [16] 7.1         IP stands for a)             Internet Protocol b)             Intranet Protocol c)             Internet Provider d)             Internet Package 7.2         Which of these services will not be provided by a typical Internet service provider (ISP)? a)            An email address b)            Modem c)            A connection to the Internet d.)     Technical help 7.3         HTML is a a)             Package b)             Software c)             Language d)             None of these 7.4         An IP address is a string of____________ numbers separated by periods a)            3 b)            4 c)            2 d)            5 7.5         Which of the following statements about search engine is true ? a)            Search engines discriminate between good and bad sites b)            Search engines have fixed hours when we can use them c)            Search engines are waste of time as they do not provide relevant information d)            Search engine is a program designed to search for information on the web using keywords 7.6         Digital information is converted into analog information by the modem at a)             destination computer b)             source computer c)             both source and destination computer d)             neither source nor destination computer 7.7         Google Chrome is a a)            Web Brower b)            News Website c)            Graphing Package d)            Word Processor 7.8         A domain name ending with org. belongs to a)            An educational institution b)            An organization c)            A site that is highly organized d)            A commercial website 7.9         What can you do with the Internet? a)            Exchange information with friends and colleagues b)            Access pictures, sounds, video clips and other media elements c)            Find diverse perspective on issues from a global audience d)            All of the above 7.10      Which of the following sites would you most probably buy books from? a)            www.yahoomail.com b)            www.sun.com c)            www.msn.com d)            www.amazon.com 7.11      Which of these is not a part of URL ? a)            IP address b)            Port Number c)            Domain Name d)            None of these 7.12      Out of the following which one is most appropriate data field in context of employee table if only one of these is required? a)            Age in years b)            Date of Birth c)            Age in days d)            Age in months 7.13      Which is not true for a database file a)            Each record may contain several fields b)            Fields are organized in columns c)            Data types have to be declared in advance d)            Each field may contain several records 7.14      What datatype should you choose for a zip code field in a table? a)            Text b)            Number c)            Memo d)            All of above 7.15      Which of the following fields would not make a suitable primary key a)            A customers account number b)            A date field c)            An AutoNumber field d)            A students admission number 7.16      What is the purpose of the description column in Table Design View? a)            To describe the data that should be entered in each field b)            To define the data type applied to each field within the table c)            To enter lookup data that the field should refer to. d)            None of the above


SECTION A 1             Fill in the blanks: 1.1         Networks 1.2         Uniquely 1.3         255 1.4         URL 1.5         e-banking 1.6         Hyperlinks 1.7         field 1.8         Web Browsers 1.9         Database 1.10      AutoN umber 2             State True and False: 2.1         False 2.2         True 2.3         False 2.4         False 2.5         False 2.6         True 2.7         False 2.8         False 2.9         True 2.10       False (1 Mark for correctly mentioning whether each statement is true or false) The six network related abbreviations are: 10
  1. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): a protocol developed for the internet to get data from one network device to another
  2. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): a protocol (utilizing TCP) to transfer hypertext requests and information between servers and browsers
  3. ISP (Internet Service Provider): also sometimes referred to as an Internet access provider (SAP), is an organization that provides access to the Internet through various connectivity mechanisms (dial modem, cable services, etc.)
  4. IIS (Internet Information Server): IIS is Microsofta€™s proprietary web server software, and is included with their Windows NT-based operating systems. It is free, and is required for the use of ASP code in a website. It also provides FTP functionality, and an easy-to-use management console for administrators.
  5. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
  6. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscribers Line): is one form of the Digital Subscriber Line technology, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voiceband modem can provide.
(1 Mark for each of the six correct expanded forms) + (1 Mark for each of the six correct definitions) 4.1         a. Shravan should develop a blog.                                                                                              2X8 = 16 (1 Mark for naming the correct tool) b.      Twitter and Google Blogger (V2 Mark each for correctly naming any two free services) 4.2         a.      Facebook and Twitter (1 Mark for correctly naming any two tools) b.      Social Networking (1 Mark for the correct generic name) 4.3.        VSNL.Airtel (1 Mark each for correctly naming any two ISPs) 4.4.        b and fare domain names C and d are URLs (1 Mark for correctly identifying the two domains) + (1 Mark for correctly identifying the two URLs) 4.5.        For faster Internet connection, the Broad Band or Cable connections are preferred. So Anila should go for either the Cable Connection or for ADSL connection. The FTP will help her in uploading and downloading of files. (1 Mark for correctly naming anyone connection type) + (1 Mark for correctly naming the protocol) 4.6.        Container elements are those which require both opening and closing tag like <HTML> <BODY> and <FONT> whereas the empty elements are those that do not require a closing tag like <HR> and <BR>. (2 Marks for any one correct differentiation point between the two types of elements) 4.7.        Numeric Calculator (2 Marks for the correct identification) 4.8.        a.      <BODY BGCOLOR = “Red”> (1 Mark for writing the correct HTML statement) b.      <FONT FACE= “Arial”> (1 Mark for writing the correct HTML statement) 12 5.1         Table Name: Teacherlnfo                                                                                                                                      5 Column Names: TNo TName DOB Address B Salary (1 Mark each for naming any five valid fieldnames) 5.2         1.
Itmeld                   : Text
Item Name              : Text
Item Stock               : Number
Item DOP                : Date
Quantity Purchased Number
(1 Mark each for naming the correct data types of each of the five fields) 2..      Itemld and ItemName can act as the primary key. (1 Mark each for naming the two correct fields) Look at the table structures shown below and do as directed: 6.1     a.      Table 1 : Items                                                                                                                                 1×3 = 3 Ans   Date of Birth b.            Table 2 : Library Ans   Admno c.             Table 3 : Firmotire Ans   Phone Number (1 Mark each for correctly naming the column in each of the three tabels 6. 2    Primary Key : AccountNo                                                                                                                                        3 Candidate Key : AccountNo and PANNumber Alternate Key: PANNumber (1 Mark each for correctly naming the primary key, candidate key and alternate key) SECTION B Multiple Choice Questions (Choose most appropriate option)                                                           16 7.1         a)      Internet Protocol 7.2         a)      An email address 7.3         c)      Language 7.4         b)      4 7.5         d)      Search engine is a program designed to search for information on the web using keywords 7.6         b)      Source Computer 7.7         a)      Web Browser 7.8         b)      An organizatoin 7.9         d)      All of the above 7.10      d)      www.amazon.com 7.11      b)      IP address 7.12      b)      Dateof Birth 7.13      c)      Each field may contain several records 7.14      d)      All of above 7.15      c)      Adatefield 7.16      a)      To describe the data that should be entered in each field (1 Mark for choosing the correct option in each of the MCQ)