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CBSE Class 8 Solved MCQs on Understanding Marginalisation, Political Science

1. Marginalisation means :- a. At the centre of thing b. Forced to occupy the side c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans : (b) 2. In social environment, Marginalisation is due to :- a. Different Language b. Different Religion c. Minority d. All of these Ans : (d) 3. Explain the reason why groups may be marginalized. a. Because of government profit b. Less Majority c. Both (a) & (b) d. All of these Ans : (c) 4. Who are Adivasi? a. Original Inhabitants b. tribals c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans : (c) 5. How many percent of India’s population is Adivasi? a. Around 8% b. about 10% c. About 4% d. about 6% Ans : (a) 6. Scheduled Tribes is term used for :- a. Rich people b. Adivasis c. People below poverty line d. All of these Ans : (b) 7. Adivasi are involved in the worship of :- a. Ancestors b. Hinduism c. jesus Chirst d. temple Ans : (a) 8. The village spirits are worshipped at :- a. home b. Town c. Specific Scared Groves d. All of these Ans : (c) 9. Do Adivasi live close to the forest? a. No b. May be c. Yes d. Can’t say Ans : (c) 10. Adivasi languages have often deeply influenced by the formation of :- a. Mainstream b. Bengali c. Sanskrit d. Santhali Ans : (a) 11. Adivasis are believed to be :- a. Exotic b. Primitive c. Backward d. All of these Ans : (d) 12. Where all the important metals are present in India? a. Forest b. Village c. Home d. Jungle Ans : (a) 13. 1835 onwards, Adivasis from Jharkhand & adjoining areas moved in India & the world’s like :- a. Mauritius b. Caribbean c. Australia d. All of these Ans : (d) 14. Niyamgiri hill located in Kalahandi district of :- a. Orissa b. West Bengal c. Punjab d. kerela Ans : (a) 15. Niyamgiri is a scared mountain of :- a. Adivasis b. Religious people c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans : (a) 16. How many national parks are there in India? a. 64 b. 54 c. 72 d. 82 Ans : (b) 17. How many wild life sanctuaries covering 1,09,652 square kilometer :- a. 570 b. 458 c. 372 d. 190 Ans : (c) 18. The areas where tribal originally lived and continue to stay in these fields :- a. Ancestors b. Encroachers c. Both (a) & (b) d. All of these Ans : (b) 19. Constitution provides safeguards to religious & _________ minorities as a part of fundamental Rights. a. Linguistic b. Cultural c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans : (c) 20. Minority means :- a. Used for the communities that is numerically small in population b. Used for the communities that is numerically small in population c. More groups d. All of these Ans : (b) 21. Many tribal children are _______. a. Balanced b. Malnourished c. Healthy d. Efficient Ans : (b) 22. Why do we need safeguards? a. To protect the state b. To protect the society c. To protect the rich people d. To protect minority community Ans : (d) 23. Who plays a crucial role in upholding the law enforcing fundamental Rights? a. Judiciary b. Supreme Court c. High Court d. All of these Ans : (b) 24. Every citizen of India can approach the courts if they believe that their fundamental Rights have been :- a. Increased b. Decreased c. Violating d. None of these Ans : (c) 25. How many percent of Muslims are in Indian population? a.13.4% b. 61% c. 14.7% d.20% Ans : (a) 26. How many Muslims live in kutcha house according to amenties 1994 a. 63.6% b. 43% c. 67% d. 87% Ans : (a) 27. Do Muslims have equal access to basic amenities? a. yes b. may be c. No d. Can’t not Ans : (c) 28. According to literacy rate by religion, 2001 how many percent of population is literate? a. 65% b. 100% c. 95% d. 80% Ans : (a) 29. Which religious group has the lowest literacy rate according to censes of India 2001? a. Hindus b. Muslims c. Sikh d. English Ans : (b) 30. High level committee in 2005, was chaired by :- a. Hakkim shekh b. Ram Gopal c. Rajinder Sanchar d. None of these Ans : (c) 31. Many Muslim women wear? a. Burka b. Skirt c. Payjama d. Cargo Ans : (a) 32. Marginalisation is linked to :- a. Experiencing disadvantages b. Prejudices c. Powerless d. All of these Ans : (d) 33. Marginalisation result in having :- a. Low social status b. Not equal education c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans : (c) 34. Muslims prefer to send their children to :- a. Madarsas b. Schools c. Colleges d. All of these Ans : (a) 35. Hierarchy means :- a. A graded system or arrangement of person or thing b. Minor group c. Major group d. None of these Ans : (a) 36. Displaced means :- a. To stick at one place b. to live in forest c. Refuse to forced or compelled to move from their homes d. All of these Ans : (c) 37. Militarised means :- a. Presence of Minor Group b. Presence of Major group c. Presence of Adivasis d. presence of armed force Ans : (d) 38. Malnourishment means :- a. Person gets a balance diet b. Person gets the extra diet c. Person does not get adequate food d. None of these Ans : (c) 39. Which one of the following is main cause of Marginalisation? a. Different dress b. Different films c. Different Languages d. All of these Ans : (c) 40. Marginalised groups are viewed with hostility. a. respect b. truth c. Fear d. All of these Ans : (c) 41. Give another name of Adivasis a. Respective truth b. Tribals c. Educated person d. None of these Ans : (b) 42. Is Adivasis having their own language? a. No b. Can’t say c. May be d. Yes Ans : (d) 43. Which one of the following metal is found in forest? a. Sugar b. Sweet c. Iron d. Tea Ans : (c) 44. Literacy rate among tribal are very__________ a. High b. Low c. In between d. Supreme Ans : (c) 45. _________ are needed to protect minor Communities. a. Safeguards b. Legal c. Laws d. None of these Ans : (b) 46. How many percent of Muslims are in India’s population? a. 1.34% b. 22.3% c. 15.1% d. 20.0% Ans : (a) 47. __________ are the important part of the women’s movement in India? a. Religious Women b. Common people c. Muslim women d. None of these Ans : (c) 48. Marginalisation results in :- a. Low social status b. not equal access of Eduation c. Both (a) & (b) d. None of these Ans : (c) 49. How many percent of Muslim children in the 6 – 14 year of age group have never been enrolled in schools & dropped out? a. 70% b. 30% c. 25% d. 56% Ans : (c) 50. In Muslim community, there is a link between economic & _________ marginalisation. a. Political b. western c. Socio reform d. Social Ans : (d)