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Online Tuition/Coaching and Teaching

It is a clear and accepted fact that in today’s life professional qualifications are a must if one is to make any progress in life. Matters are at a stage where a simple Bachelors degree will not work; you need to have that something extra that will make you stand out from the crowd and be selected for a job. There are many applicants for a job and it is the qualifications on your resume that will count when you are appearing for an interview. Education is also the key to prosperity and growth in life. Without a suitable degree most doors to a better life are closed.

Before the advent of the Internet and online learning, one had the option of attending colleges and the other option was to obtain degrees through correspondence courses. This has now changed. With e-learning and distance education, getting professional qualifications is easy and within reach. And one is not limited to local colleges; international qualifications from the best institutions can be obtained through online courses. The online courses offer huge advantages; some of which are given below.

  • Selecting the right course will help you in your career path and help attain better position offering higher pay and status.
  • Online institutions give you the freedom to choose the time frame in which to complete the course. Certifications awarded by these institutions are internationally recognized.
  • E-learning is effective because it is a perfect blend of auditory and visual learning. When the students hear and see the text while learning, they understand better. Research shows that memory retention is better when you can hear and see. Animated courses have better impact on the learning process. Most importantly online learning is more enjoyable too.
  • E-learning courses are modular and allow students to submit assignments online within specified time duration and they can work at their own convenience. There are online tests to evaluate, how well the students have understood the lessons. And the best part is that since each lesson can be accessed any number of times, a student can refer them until he is thoroughly well versed in that particular chapter.
  • Online teaching institutions also offer support and you can always email queries or phone a counselor for any guidance on any point.
  • The courses are designed in a modular fashion and advanced learners can complete the course at a faster pace while others can go slow. Hence e-learning provides the feature of self-paced learning.
  • Message board, discussion forum and chat makes online learning interactive. Students can easily discuss their queries and issues online where professors and also bright students are available to give their tips. Some also end up being friends and thus expand their social circle.
  • While students have benefited, educational institutions have also benefited since they can serve a larger target spread all over the world, at a low cost. Infrastructure such as building and teaching staff costs reduce considerably generating more revenues. Such institutions can now afford the best brains to design courses which will deliver proven results.

Live Online Classes in India

Education in India is not restricted to urban areas and there are many students in far flung places who would find it difficult to commute or afford a stay in the city to complete their education. There are people who are working and need additional qualifications to help them move up the corporate ladder but have no time for regular classes. This has led Indian Universities to take advantage of online teaching. Search reveals a number of such universities offering live online classes in India.

Online Courses

The best thing is that employers are now recognizing and accepting certifications awarded by these online institutions. These online courses have opened the gateways of higher education, making them accessible to a wider audience and opening up the path of progress and prosperity to a lot of people who would otherwise have been stuck in dead-end jobs.