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The NCERT has a list of publications namely, text books, journals, model question papers, children’s books, practical books, guidelines for teachers, customers… It also provides the online version to text books from standard I to XII; this facility really helps the students in accessing the content of the books from anywhere and at any time. It publishes around 6 journals for further enhancements in education; the journals are focused to provide wide knowledge and awareness in the educational fields and they are published in the quarterly and half yearly terms; thereby reinforcing the educational process. In other words, it is a dynamic composure of the following:

NCERT Online Books

  • Relevant educational guidelines for the primary teachers.
  • Creating an open forum for creative thinking on the science subjects.
  • Forming an encouraging medium for debating the current educational issues.
  • Encouraging researchers, by providing the research articles and journals.
  • Acting as a medium for disseminating information on the contemporary educational practices and various educational problems.

The list continues growing, every year. It publishes all the textbooks in three languages, namely, English, Hindi and Urdu; these books are made available as a model to various agencies in the States and the Union Territories. The online versions of all the text books are also available in the NCERT’s website, including the languages, English, Hindi and Urdu. The text books could also be downloaded from the website; hence, it eradicates the necessity of buying the books and makes education, cost effective.

The students are asked to select the standard first, followed by the subject and the book title; for example, if a student has to access the 5th standard syllabus of the mathematics subject, then he/she has to select the 5thstandard from the options of standards provided, which includes all the standards from 1st to 12th, then the students should select the subject form the list of subjects provided. When the standard and subject is been chosen, then the book title, drop down menu would list the titles of books available; he/she could select the desired titles and then could start studying.

The options for the subjects, standards and the book titles are provided in the form of drop down menus; the subjects would be available, according to the standard. After choosing the options, a webpage would appear listing the content page of the book, but with an option namely, ‘Open’. Once, the ‘Open’ option is been chosen, then the particular page would be downloaded; this again would save your energy and your system’s efficiency.

Only thing needed to download the books is an ‘Acrobat Reader’ (Adobe) and of course computer with an internet connection. Some of the text books are also available in the CD formats. The contents of the books are designed via an interactive, menu driven program; such programs would definitely encourage the students to undergo self learning activities. At the end of each topic, a quiz program is also provided to enhance the student’s interest on the subject.