CCE: Are schools ready to implement CCE Scheme?

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Sir, as a parent I have many apprehensions about the newly introduced CCE scheme such as:

a) Are all the teachers in schools professionally equipped to assess the student in co-scholastic areas in an unbiased and non-judgmental manner?

b) Some schools change their teachers frequently. How can the parents trust the assessment in co-scholastic areas in such schools?

c) Too much time of school calendar is consumed in teaching different topics in the syllabus. The teachers resort to giving assignments and projects to be done by the students after school hours in a mechanical manner. No time is devoted to discussions, debates, quizzes or providing additional inputs to weak or bright students. Even projects and assignment are done by the parents with the help of internet. How can this anomaly be taken care of. Please clarify?


Thank you for raising genuine concerns.

a) Efforts are on and will continue for organising desired teacher training programmes.

b) It is hoped that schools will understand the requirements of new scheme. Directions will also be issued to schools to minimise such a situation.

c) Many schools have been undertaking variety of desired activities successfully even before CCE scheme was introduced. They may have to re-design their schedule of activities to meet the requirements of CCE.  Teachers will certainly have to think hard to plan curriculum in such a way that sufficient time is set aside for active and integrated learning experiences. Teacher Training programmes will address some of these issues.

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