Class X: What is the procedure for correction in the date of birth?


Please refer to the following rules for Change/Correction in Date of Birth

(i) No change in the Date of Birth once recorded in the Board’s records shall be made. However, corrections to correct typographical and other errors to make the certificate consistent with the school records can be made provided that corrections in the school records should not have been made after the submission of application form for admission to the Examination to the Board.

(ii) Such correction in the Date of Birth of a candidate in case of genuine clerical errors will be made under orders of the Chairman where it is established to the satisfaction of the Chairman that the wrong entry was made erroneously in the list of candidates/application form of the candidate for the examination.

(iii) Request for correction in Date of Birth shall be forwarded by the Head of the School along with attested Photostat copies of :

(a) application for admission of the candidate to the School;
(b) portion of the page of admission and withdrawal register where entry in Date of Birth has been made; and
(c) The School Leaving Certificate of the previous school submitted at the time of admission.

(iv) The application for correction in the Date of Birth duly forwarded by the Head of school alongwith documents mentioned in Byelaws 69.2(iii) shall be entertained by the Board only within five years of the date of declaration of results. No correction whatsoever, shall be made on application submitted after the said period of five years.

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