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CBSE Improvement Exam Form

Improvement Forms

Apply Online: http://cbserod.net.in/exmnr/rchk10o.aspx

Re-print Online Application: http://cbserod.net.in/exmnr/rchk10op.aspx

Application Forms

The Application Forms will be released in July/August till October and can be collected from regional offices or syndicate bank branches against the prescribed fees.

Exam Fee for 5 Subjects in India. Rs. 500
> Fee for additional 6 Subject Rs. 200
>Fee for comptt./1-improvement/1-Additional Subject Rs. 20
>Fee for 2 or more subjects for improvement Rs. 50
>Fee for overseas Candidate for 5 subject Rs. 2010
>Fee for additional 6th Subject for overseas candidates Rs. 750
>Fee for 1 Comptt./1 Improvement/1 Additional Subject for overseas candidate Rs. 760
>Fee for 2 or more Subjects for improvement for overseas candidates Rs. 2010

Additional Fee for each practical Subject Rs. 25 Late Fee :

Upto 15 September 2009 (Tuesday) Rs. 100
Upto 30 September 2009 (Wednesday) Rs. 200
Upto 24 October 2009 (Saturday) Rs. 300

Candidates from National Capital Territory for Delhi will deposit form in listed branches of Syndicate Bank.

The Candidate must deposit the application form for the examination with the respective Regional Office of the Board. Please note that change of region shall not be allowed under any circumstances.

If a candidate by mistake submits/dispatches the application in the Regional Office of the Board of other region than that he/she intends to seek admission and if due to this lapse the candidate fails to appear for the examination, the Board shall not be responsible. The examination fee paid for the purpose in that case shall also stand forfeited.

Cost of form Rs. 10/-

Please read the instructions carefully before filling up the application form

  1. All entries should be made in Block Capital Letters only without touching edges of the boxes.
  2. Do not overwrite the characters. If you wish to change, use eraser or white fluid to whiten the box and then write the new character.
  3.  CANDIDATE’S name, MOTHER’S name and FATHER’S name be entered as per example. Prefix such as MASTER, MR., MISS, KUMARI, MRS., SMT, SHRI, DR., COL., BRIG, LATE, FULL STOP AND COMMAS must not be used.
  4.  The code number of subject and medium should be entered very carefully, Particular care should be taken for indicating the Code against languages as there are two types of courses. For medium code write 1 for English and 2 for Hindi. For Language medium Code is not required.
  5.  Incomplete form is liable to be rejected.
  6.  A Compartment Candidate has the option to retain his/her previous practical marks upto only one year after the third chance compartment Exam.
  7.  A failure candidate has to re-appear in all the theory subjects in the exam. The practical marks of his/her first examination would be carried over upto two subsequent years after his/her first examination.
  8.  Candidate will be examined only in the Syllabus as prescribed for the year of Examination.
  9.  The centre once alloted will be final and no request for change of centre will be attended to even on account of change in residence.
  10.  Fresh candidates are not eligible to appear as private candidate.

Payment of Fees

Delhi Candidate will deposit examination fee in cash in the listed branches of Syndicate Bank through Bank Challan form enclosed with this form.

Note : One candidate will submit only one form Filling of the form by a candidate on different address will liable to be rejected without informing the candidate.

Name of Guardian is also be mentioned only in case of orphans candidate in the relevant column (prefix as Sh./Smt. be also written in the name of Guardian) and column of Mothers Name be left blank.