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Earthquake in Indonesia

We would have often heard about Indonesia and the devastating earthquakes that shattered lives and hopes in Indonesia. The history of earthquakes in Indonesia and its nearby islands could be dated to the very earlier days, i.e. it started more than 450, 000 years ago and took a clear shape from the year 1770 onwards. Of course, there is no way to leave the year 2004, because that was the year, the earthquake created huge and monstrous seismic waves in the Indian Ocean, thereby resulting in tsunami, which had in turn worsened the situation. It happened at a magnitude of 9.3 in the Richter scale, which was huge and it did affect the regions ofnorth Sumatra, which didn’t stop within this boundary and got spread in a devastating way to countries like ThailandHong KongIndia, etc… More than 131, 000 people were killed and around 37, 000 people were found missing.

In the year 2005, the Sumatra earthquake occurred at a magnitude of 8.3 in the Richter scale, which also ended up in vibrations in the regions of BangkokThailand, and the effect was also felt, some 1,000 km away. In the year 2006, the Yogyakarta earthquake did shook the regions of Yogyakarta and central Java, measuring to around 6.2 on the Richter scale, which ended up taking some 6000 lives away. The same story is getting pursued in Indonesia, year after year. As such, Indonesia is a beautiful place, which without the records of natural disasters could attract huge number of tourists, especially known for the ‘Bali Islands’, which could be rightly called as the ‘Heaven on Earth!’.