Colleges in Mizoram

There are around 41 colleges in the Mizoram state of India. Find below a list of at most 30 colleges in an unordered manner.
College NameAddressState

Durtlang, Aizawl, MizoramAizawl Mizoram

Zemabawk, AizawlMizoram796017Aizawl Mizoram

LungleiLunglei Mizoram

Dawrpui Vengthar, Mizoram, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

Ramthar Veng, Aizawl Mizoram, 796007., AizawlAizawl Mizoram

P.O-Kamalanagar-I, Chawngte, LawngtlaiLawngtlai Mizoram

Bawngkawn, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

Lunglei District, Lunglei Mizoram, Pin 796701, LungleiLunglei Mizoram

Lawngtlai, Pin: 796891Lawngtlai Mizoram

PO. Zawlnuam. 796471, Zawlnuam, ZawlnuamMamit Mizoram

Shivaji Tillah, Aizawl ,Mizoram, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

LungleiLunglei Mizoram

Govt Champhai College, Champhai, Mizoram - 796321, ChamphaiChamphai Mizoram

Durtlan North, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

Mizoram Polytechnic, Lunglei, Hranchalkawn, LungleiLunglei Mizoram

Durtlang, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

Verdant Ridge, Laipuitlang, Verdant Ridge, Laipuitlang, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

School of Nursing, Christian Hospital serkawn, Nil, LungleiLunglei Mizoram

Salem VengLunglei Mizoram

Durtlang, Derhkentlang, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

Serkawn, Lunglei. P.O Zotlang PIN 796691Lunglei Mizoram

chaltlang, PO- Ramhlun, Aizawl, AizawlAizawl Mizoram

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