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CCE Syllabus

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The syllabi in the main subjects at Secondary school level ( Classes 9 and 10) bifurcated for Term I and Term II have been given below.

The detailed guidelines for Formative Assessment in these subjects will be sent to the schools shortly along with the question paper designs and sample question papers for Summative Assessment 1 ( September) and Summative assessment II ( March).

These documents will be helpful to your teachers in designing creative activities and lesson plans for transacting cce syllabus and assessing students effectively during the Academic session effective from 1st April.

According to the CCE system, the 10th standard students would not be facing the board examinations; rather they would be evaluated internally within the educational institutions on daily basis, which is affiliated to the CBSE board. The word ‘Continuous’ means evaluating the knowledge and skills of the students on a continuous basis, thereby making education as a habit, rather than implementing education as an onetime event.

The word ‘Comprehensive’ means, a dynamic system comprising both, scholastic and co-scholastic activities with an objective to enhance aptitude and attitude of the students. Hence, the scholastic includes, the subject specific areas and the co-scholastic includes, life skills, co-curricular activities, activities to enhance students’ attitudes and values… According to the CCE system, there are two types of assessments followed in the academic curriculum, such as, Formative assessment and Summative assessment.

Class 10

The formative assessment is a tool, used by the teachers to continuously monitor the students’ activities in an non-threatening environment; whereas, the summative assessment is implemented at the end of a course to diagnose the students’ capabilities in learning the course; it adds-up all the abilities of the students and helps in measuring, how much a student has learnt from the course.

Class 9

The CCE system comprises two terms of evaluation; Term I accounts to 40% weightage and Term II accounts to 60% weightage, adhering to the CBSE board standards. For each term, there will be formative and summative assessments and these formats would be different for scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

Thus the educational reforms amended by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has wide variety of both, educational and co-curricular activities; such systems would definitely enhance the students’ knowledge, as they aim at making education through real interest of the students, rather than inducing via examinations.