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Summative Assessment-II


Summative Assessment II for Class X


School Conducted: Students of Senior Secondary Schools who do not wish to move out of the CBSE Board.

Board Conducted: All the students of Secondary Schools and Students of Senior Secondary Schools, if they wish to move out of the CBSE Board.

Passing Certificate

The certificate being issued by the Board to all the students passing out of the CBSE affiliated schools whether they have appeared in School conducted SA-II or Board conducted SA-II will be the same.

Board conducted SA-II will only be one part of the overall statement of assessment to be issued by the Board. The certificate will show the overall Grades obtained by you in Summative and Formative Assessments (SA and FA). SA consists of both the Summative Assessments and FA consists of all the four Formative Assessments.


The syllabus for both types (School and Board) of SA-II will be the same and it will be the one prescribed by the Board for the Second term only.

Marking Scheme

The Marking Scheme for all Question Papers in all major subjects would be provided by the Board and teachers would be directed to adhere to the Marking Scheme in each subject.


1. The scheme is in operation in all CBSE affiliated schools in Class IX w.e.f. Oct. 2009 i.e. the second term. Under this two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment is to be done. The schools have done / are already doing Formative Assessments during the second term, and Summative Assessment for this term is to be conducted now.

2. Under this end term Summative Assessment-II, the students will be tested internally based on the following criteria:-

a)    Syllabus and Examination Question Paper Design in different subjects for Class IX Summative Assessment II will be the same as circulated by the Board earlier. The same is also available on CBSE website www.cbse.nic.in under CCE corner.

b)    The Summative assessment will be in the form of a pen-paper test conducted by the schools themselves.

c)     In order to ensure standardization and to ensure uniformity, the Question Paper Banks in different subjects are being sent by the Board to schools in February 2010.

d)    In order to cater to the difference in the pace at which students respond to questions, schools will give flexible timing to students for attempting the question papers. This may vary from 3 to 31/> hours.

e)     Evaluation of answer scripts will be done by the school teachers themselves on the basis of the Marking Scheme provided by the Board.

f)     There will be random verification of the assessment procedures carried out by schools by the Board officials/nominees appointed by the Board.


3. It has been decided to provide question paper banks for English Communicative, English Language & Literature, Hindi-A, Hindi-B, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Communicative Sanskrit. In respect of other subjects/languages, the schools will administer their own question paper based on the sample question paper available on the CBSE’s website, and intimated earlier.

4. In view of the above, the Board will be sending eight CDs. Each CD will contain a number of question papers and one of the question papers is allotted to your school. For this purpose, the Board would supply a password either through SMS or E-mail or telephonically. We plan to dispatch the CDs containing question papers to all schools so as to reach by 20th February and immediately afterwards the password would be made available to the school. Every school may design its own date sheet for Class-IX examination accordingly. Detailed modalities for operation of CDs are given on http://cbse.nic.in/circular_no_1_.06_summative_assessment-ii.pdf

5. The schools would take out the print of the allotted question paper after receiving the password in each subject. Thereafter, the required number of prints/copies, may be made at the school level. These question papers must be kept carefully. The schools should conduct the examination in all subjects for Class IX using these question papers between last week of February to last week of March 2010.

6. The marking scheme is being sent to every school separately and will reach the schools well in time.
The answer books should be evaluated by the teachers of your school as per the marking scheme containing value points for each question in every question paper.


8. It may be noted again that the question papers for Class-IX have been designed by the Board and are being sent to schools with the purpose of maintaining uniformity and standardization. Depending upon the feedback and suggestions from the stakeholders, the Board will have a re-look at this policy in future, if need be.