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Sample Question Papers, Summative Assessment in Class IX

Summative Assessment in Class IX

All schools are requested to download the Sample Question Papers of Class IX, Summative test (S-2) and circulars as on 15th December, 2009.  Circular numbers remain the same; however minor modifications in Circulars and Sample Question Papers have been made based on feedback received from users over a period of time.  Latest Sample Question Papers must be used for preparing students for Summative II test (S-2) in Class IX to be held in February – March, 2010. The major change in the format of question papers in all the subjects for class IX is the introduction of Multiple Choice Questions as suggested and recommended by NCF and position paper on Examination Reforms by NCERT. A detailed circular about Summative Assessment to be held for present Class – IX by respective schools is now being issued separately. In feedback received from schools it has been reported that some schools are holding a formative assessment task/test everyday under the pretext of CCE. Moreover students have been told that their behaviour is going to be observed minutely and assessed. This may again lead to stress and an unnatural and artificial depiction of behaviour. The tasks which relate to projects and activities can be done in groups as in-class and school activities and not become an extension of work to be done by siblings or parents.