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Parent Advocates for CCE

Advocates for CCE

The Central Board of Secondary Education would like to initiate training of Parent Advocates to develop a band of qualified parent advocates in CCE. Parents of students studying in schools affiliated to CBSE can apply by submitting the following proforma online. The selected lot of parents will be identified and contacted by the CBSE.

The qualities that the Board is looking for volunteers who have excellent communication skills in English as well as in Hindi, a keenness to learn and share information with understanding and a belief in the basic principles of CCE which address both the Continuous’ and ‘Comprehensive’ aspects of learning, growth and holistic development.

1.  Contact Details :

Name/Age :

Address of the school where child/children is/are studying :

Classes in which child/children is/are studying :

e-mail id :

Address for contact:

Mobile No. :

Landline No. :

2.   Professional Qualifications :

Graduation :

Post Graduation :

Currently engaged in :

Time available to further train and orient other parents :

3.  ICT Skills Level

  • Average : Yes / No
  • Good : Yes / No
  • Excellent  : Yes / No

4. Communication Skills in Languages

  • Average      :       Yes / No
  • Good                    :       Yes / No
  • Excellent     :       Yes / No

5.   Ability to accept challenges

  • Average      :       Yes / No
  • Good                    :       Yes / No
  • Excellent     :       Yes / No

6.   Willingness to travel mostly within the region :

  • Yes / No

7. List out three ways in which you can motivate other parents.

Signature of the parent :_____________________

Date :______________________

* To be filled in and returned to the following address: [email protected] Please note that this is a purely voluntary activity.