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Will CCE help crack Competitive/Entrance Exams?

I want to know if CCE will help my child to prepare for competitive exams at class XII and other competitive exams later on in his/her life.

Scheme of CCE is expected to help the child make informed choice of subjects In class XI based on his/her aptitude, interest, liking and academic performance. With CCE aiming at all-round development of the child’s personality, it is expected that a student will be able to take up competitive examinations in right earnest. It may be clearly understood that introduction of CCE does not mean less emphasis on academic attainment. Students will still be required to do well in studies. However, due to acquisition of additional life skills, like thinking, social and emotional skills, they are expected to meet different life situations with greater maturity.

Moreover, the UPSC is also planning to introduce aptitude based testing.