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CBSE CCE System in Classes VI, VII and VIII

CCE in Middle School

The Board has already recommended that the students should not carry school bags and there should be no homework up to Classes I & II. It has also recommended that a two year profile of the students be maintained for students of Classes I & II and the three year profile be maintained for Classes III-V.

The assessment will cover both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects and will be carried out in schools over the two terms, Term 1 and Term 2 by means of formative and summative assessments using a variety of tests and assignments. For purpose of teaching and assessment, the syllabus for different subjects may be bifurcated for the two terms.

There will be four Formative Assessments each of with a weighting of 10% each. There are two Summative Assessments (SA1 and SA2) with a weighting of 30% each.

  • First Term : FA1(10%) + FA2 (10%) + SA1 (30%) = 50%
  • Second Term : FA3 (10%) + FA4(10%) + SA2 (30%) = 50%

Formative Assessment can be carried through using multiple modes of assessment such as assignments, quizzes, debates, Group discussions, Projects and only one pen and paper test. It may be clearly communicated to all teachers teaching various subjects that all Projects and assignments must be done as group activities within the class and school time only. Each subject must have only one paper pencil test under Formative Assessment. The other modes of assessment must be part of classroom interactive activities.

The Summative Assessment is a written, end of the term examination which may consist of objective type, short answer and long answer questions.

For making evaluation comprehensive, both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects should be given importance. Co-scholastic areas will consist of Life-Skills, Attitudes and Values, Co-scholastic Activities and Health and Physical Education.