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CBSE CCE | Syllabus for Summative Assessment of German for Class IX

Syllabus for Summative Assessment

Second Term (October 2009-March 2010)


Class IX

Code :020

Module 8


Situation/ Topic

Speech intention


Lesson 1

Selecting a Life partner

  • To talk about the past
  • To ask for the confirmation of an occurrence and fix it temporally .

  • Perfect of strong verbs
  • Perfect of  “haben” and “sein”
  • Introduction of double barrel verbs eg. kennen lernen
  • Revision of “dass”
  • Revision of separable verbs

Lesson 2


  • To reflect about their past
  • To narrate  what had taken place when
  • Simple past (Praeteritum) of Modal verbs
  • Simple past (Praeteritum) of “haben” and “sein”
  • Subordinate clause – “als”

Lesson 3


  • To narrate  fairytales and stories
  • Simple past of both strong and weak verbs
  • Subordinate clause of purpose –“damit”
  • Revision of Dative und Akkusative Personalpronomen