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CBSE CCE Sample Paper of English (Language and Literature) for Class IX

Class IX

Sample Paper


(Language and Literature)

M.M. 80                                                                                                          Time 3:00 hrs

The Question paper is divided into four sections:

Section A:                   Reading Comprehension       15 Marks

Section B:                   Writing                                  15 Marks

Section C:                   Grammar                               15 Marks

Section D:                   Literature/Text Books            35 Marks

All questions are compulsory.

Marks are indicated against each question.

Section A

Reading – 15 Marks

  1. Read the passage given below and write the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheets:

(5 marks)

Many animals are able to communicate with each other very well – but none of them can talk as we do. That is, no animals use words.

Birds cry out and make sounds that other birds understand. Smells, movements, and sounds are used for communication by animals, through which they express joy or anger or fear.

Human speech is a very complicated process, which no animal can perform. One reason is that in a very special way we use a whole series of organs to produce the sounds we want to make when we utter words. The way our vocal cords are made to vibrate, the way the throat, mouth and nasal cavities are adjusted, the way the lips, teeth, lower jaw, tongue, and palate are moved – just to make vowel and consonant sounds, is something animals can’t do. They cannot produce a whole series of words to make a sentence.

And there is another, perhaps more important reason why animals can’t talk. Words are only labels for objects, actions, feelings, expressions and ideas. For example, the word ‘bird’ is a label for a living, flying object. Other words describe its colour, shape, flying and singing. Still other words would be used to tell what the speaker thinks or feels about the bird or its actions.

For human beings, therefore, the use of words means the use of labels or symbols, and then organizing them in a certain way to communicate something. This requires a degree of intelligence and logical thinking that no animals have. So, they can’t talk the way people do.

  1. Communication in animals is made through
  1. smells, movements and sounds
  2. smells, setting and flying
  3. smells, sitting and running
  4. smells, sitting and eating

  1. The emotions which are expressed by birds are
    1. joy, love, hate
    2. joy, jealousy or zeal
    3. joy, fear or anger
    4. joy, cry or anger

  1. Animals cannot talk like us as human speeche is a
    1. complete process
    2. easy process
    3. complex process
    4. confused process

  1. For using words properly human beings require
    1. a degree of graduation
    2. intelligence and logical thinking
    3. logical thinking and vocal cords
    4. logical thinking and imagination

  1. The noun form of ‘communicate’ is
    1. communicative
    2. communicated
    3. communication
    4. communicating

  1. Read the passage given below and write the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheets:

(5 marks)

Prafulla Chandra Ray was born on 2 August 1861 in the district of Jessore, now in Bangladesh, close to the birth place of Madhusudan Dutt, widely regarded as the Milton of Bengal. It was the best of times and the worst… The British had by now perfected their role as masters and British values permeated the Indian upper classes to the very last detail like table manners. That of course, was not the worst of the British influence. What was far more demeaning to the educated Indians – and there were several – was the fact that senior government positions were closed to them. Being forfeited of one’s right in one’s land of birth would become the rallying point for the Indian intelligentsia in the years to come.

Ray’s father Harish Chandra Ray, a man of learning and taste, was closely associated with the cultural and intellectual leaders of the time and exerted great influence on his son. Ray had his early schooling in the village school founded by his father but soon his father shifted to Calcutta and at the age of nine, little Prafulla set eyes for the first time, on the bustling city that would be his home for many years to come. He was filled with wonder at the ever-changing sights and sounds – the city seemed to change moods ever so often! His formal schooling was interrupted due to illness but that did not affect his education.

  1. The British perfected their role as masters because
  1. they had enslaved Indians
  2. they showed that they were superior
  3. they were hated by the upper classes
  4. upper class Indians accepted them as role models

  1. The educated Indians felt insulted by the fact that
  1. They had to follow British Customs
  2. They were not allowed to study in institutions of  higher learning
  3. They were not promoted to senior government positions
  4. They were forced to speak only in English.

  1. Prafulla Chandra Ray was greatly influenced by…….
  1. his brother
  2. his uncle
  3. his father
  4. his cousin

  1. Prafulla Chandra’s illness could not stop his
  1. schooling
  2. learning
  3. routine
  4. sportsman spirit

  1. Intelligentsia’ here means
  1. intelligent animals
  2. Intel television
  3. intelligent people
  4. a special detergent

  1. Read the passage given below and write the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheets

(5 marks)

Surrounded by the deep blue sea, the tiny hillock consisting of only 80 acres of land, known as Ross Island, was the paradise from which the Commissioner ruled the 293 big and small islands, 8,249 square kilometers in area.

Now the only permanent residents of the deserted Ross island were some deer and peacocks. They stamped over many a buried head, of convicts and their executioners, of those who gave orders and those who obeyed them, some good and some evil.

Silent trees spread their branches and shoots into the crumbling skeletons of once majestic mansions in a desperate bid to stop them from totally disappearing. A million leaves murmured against the violent gusts of wind trying to dislodge the fragments of the structures from their intricate embrace. Wave after wave pounded the islet from all sides. There was no other sound. Strangely, I never heard any chirping of birds.

  1. Ross Island was
  1. the headquarters of the commissioner
  2. villa in which the commissioner lived
  3. a graveyard of the rulers
  4. just a tiny island .

  1. On Ross island, housed deers,  peacocks  and
  1. remains of the rulers of the island.
  2. remains of the people who lived there.
  3. other animals and birds
  4. visiting tourists

  1. The ‘crumbling skeletons of once majestic mansions’ are
  1. the beautiful houses that have now broken
  2. the people who have died in the houses
  3. the people living  in the houses
  4. the palaces that are now forests

  1. The only sound heard on the island
  1. waves and leaves
  2. animals on the islands
  3. skeletons that are buried
  4. evil spirits

  1. The noun form of ‘trying’
  1. trying
  2. try
  3. trial
  4. tried

Section B

Writing-15 Marks

  1. You are Sonali/Sohan of Class IX living in a hostel in Gwalior. Write a letter to your mother describing how you prepared a snack for yourself for the first time in your room. (100 words)                        (6 marks)


You are Mohit/Mohini living in 28/1, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi. Write a letter     to your aunt living in Mainpuri, Raj Mohalla, Uttar Pradesh telling her about separating garbage in two different dust bins for a healthy living.

  1. Government has started the ladli scheme in the Government schools to encourage education of the girls. Write an article about the scheme and its benefits not only for the girls but also for the society. (120 words)                                                                                                                     (6 marks)

  1. Tarun decided to write a story but after some time, he could not complete the story as he lost interest. Complete his story on the basis of the beginning given below. (60 words)                   (3 marks)

“Once upon a time, the Lion, the king of the forest, was celebrating his son’s birthday. All the animals and birds of the forest were to participate in the grand function….”

Section – C

Grammar – 15 Marks

7. Choose the most appropriate option from the ones given below to complete the following passage. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Do not copy the whole passage.

½ X 6=3

Since the beginning of human existence, people (a) __________     over the world have expressed their emotions and ideas (b) _________ the medium of dance. The word ‘folk’ means people. Folk dances express the moods and feelings of (c) _____________  common people. Different regions (d) _________ India have their own dances. (e)_________ dance is accompanied by music and songs of the region to (f) ___________  it belongs.

a) (i) all                                                                            b).   (i) in

(ii) whole                                                                             (ii) into

(iii) much                                                                             (iii) through

(iv) more                                                                              (iv) of

c). (i). the                                                                            d). (i) at

(ii) a                                                                                   (ii)of

(iii) an                                                                                 (iii)for

(iv) some                                                                             (iv) from

e). (i) each                                                                       f).  (i)what

(ii)all                                                                               (ii) which

(iii) whole                                                                        (iii)who

(iv) many                                                                          (iv)whose

8. The underlined words in the following passage have not been used appropriately. Replace them by choosing the most appropriate option from the ones given below the passage. Write your answers in your answer-sheet with the correct number. Do not copy the whole passage.

½ X6=3

Going up and down from one floor to another in a big mall can be (a) tired. To make things easier, most of the big malls have special stairs-stairs that move. These moving stairs are called (b) escalate. When you step on to a moving stair, the steps (c) magic appear from under the ground. They take you up to the top, then (d) disappeared again. Where do they go? The stairs are (e) actual part of a huge belt that winds around two wheels. The steps are upright when you (f) riding on them. But they flatten out when they go round the wheels.

(a)    (i) tire

(ii) tiring

(iii) tires

(iv) untired

(b)   (i)  escalation

(ii) escalated


(iv) escalators

(c) (i) magical

(ii) magician

(iii) magically

(iv) magics

(d)   (i) disappearance

(ii) disappear

(iii) disappears

(iv) disappearing

(e)     (i) actually

(ii) actual

(iii) action

(iv) actively

(f)    (i) ridden

(ii) rides

(iii) rode

(iv) ride

9. Read the following dialogue and then complete the report by choosing the correct option from the ones given below. Write your answers in your answer-sheet with correct blank number. Do not copy the dialogue and the report.

1 X 3=3

Doctor : How are you feeling now?

Raghu : Much better, sir.

Doctor : Are you taking the medicines regularly?

Raghu : yes, sir.

The doctor asked Raghu (a)________________. Raghu replied that (b)__________ much better. The doctor further asked Raghu (c)____________ the medicines regularly. Raghu replied in the affirmative.

(a)    (i)  that how he was feeling

(ii) how he was feeling .

(iii) how you are feeling .

(iv) how was he feeling.

(b)   (i) I am feeling

(ii) I was feeling

(iii) he is feeling

(iv) he was feeling

(c)    (i) if you are taking

(ii) if he is taking

(iii) that he was taking

(iv) if he was taking

10. Complete the following passage by choosing the correct passive forms of the verbs given in brackets from the alternatives given below the passage. Only write your answers in the answer-sheet against the correct blank number.

1 X 3=3

It (a) ______________ (decide) to construct a number of flyovers at main intersections in the capital to ease the traffic flow. It (b) __________ (hope) that the problem of traffic jams at these intersections (c) ______________ (solve) to a great extent.

(a)    (i) is decided

(ii) will be decided

(iii) has been decided

(iv) is being decided

(b)   (i) has been hoped

(ii) was hoped

(iii) will be hoped

(iv) is hoped

(c) (i) has been solved

(ii) will be solved

(iii) was solved

(iv) had been solved

11. Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct alternative from those given below. Only write your answers in the answer-sheet against the correct blank number. (3 marks)

Neha:  Your watch is exclusive. Please tell me (a) __________

Nidhi: I bought it from a showroom (b) _______________

Neha: Will you tell me (c) ____________________

Nidhi: Only five hundred rupees.

(a)    (i) when you bought it?

(ii)  why you bought it?

(iii) where did you buy it from?

(iv) where you bought it from?

(b)   (i) who is situated in kamla nagar

(ii) which is situated in kamla nagar?

(iii) whom is situated in kamla nagar?

(iv) where is situated in kamla nagar?

(c)  (i) which it cost you?

(ii) how much did it cost you?

(iii) how many it cost you?

(iv) how much it cost you?

Section ‘D’

Text Books-35 marks



(35 marks)

12. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate alternative from those given below.

I rather pride myself on my packing. Packing is one of those many things that I feel I know more about than any other person living. (It surprises me myself, sometimes, how many such things there are). I impressed the fact upon George and Harris and told them that they had better leave the whole matter entirely to me. They fell in to the suggestion with a readiness that had something uncanny about it. George put on a pipe and spread himself over the easy chair, and Harris cocked his legs on the table and lit a cigar.

(1×5=5 marks)

  1. The writer offered to

(a)    sit on an easy chair

(b)   pack for all of them for the trip on his own

(c)    light a pipe

(d)   pack on his own

  1. “The author’s friends fell in to the suggestion ….” Here “fell in” means

(a)    agreed to the author’s suggestion

(b)   fell down on the floor

(c)    started laughing

(d)   were happy at his suggestion

  1. The word uncanny means

(a)    beautiful

(b)   lovely

(c)    strange

(d)   pretty

  1. The author here is

(a)    sure of himself

(b)   arrogant

(c)    joking about his friends

(d)   happy about his trip

  1. The lesson is about

(a)    the art of packing

(b)   a humourous story about three friends who are getting ready for a trip

(c)     three boatmen

(d)   a humourous story about friends and a dog

13. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate alternative from those given below.

I was born into a middle-class Tamil family in the island town of Rameswaram in the erstwhile Madras State. My father, Jainulabdeen, had neither much formal education nor much wealth; despite these disadvantages, he possessed great innate wisdom and a true generosity of spirit. He had an ideal helpmate in my mother, Ashiamma. I do not recall the exact number of people she fed every day, but I am quite certain that far more outsiders ate with us than all the members of our own family put together.

(1×5=5 marks)

  1. ‘I’ here refers to:

(a)    A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

(b)   Bismillah Khan

(c)    M.F. Hussain

(d)   Salman Khan

  1. The names of the writer’s parents are:

(a)    Jainulabdeen and Vallimma

(b)   Ashiamma and Jalal

(c)    Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma

(d)   Ashiamma and Kamaal

  1. The writer’s father was

(a)    wise and generous

(b)   intelligent and wealthy

(c)    brave and strong

(d)   educated and spirited

  1. We know that the writer’s mother was also very generous because

(a)    she helped her husband in his work

(b)   she gave food to many outsiders

(c)    she helped writer in his studies

(d)   she gave donations to many people

  1. To be “large hearted” means

(a)    generous

(b)   wise

(c)    helpful

(d)   wealthy

14. Answer the following question in about 80 words

Marks -05

Compare and contrast the atmosphere in and around the Baudhnath Shrine with the Pashupatinath temple.


What makes you feel that the mother is more attached to Bruno than the other members of the family? Give reasons.

15. Answer any two of the following questions in 30 – 40 words

Marks 2 X2=4

(i)                 What shows Santosh Yadav’s concern for the environment?

(ii)               How did Gerrard manage to outwit the intruder?

(iii)             What qualities made Maria Sharapova a world famous player?

16. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate alternatives from those given below. (1×4=4 marks)

‘Now, you shall build as the birds do,

And shall get your scanty food

By boring and boring, and boring

All day in the hard, dry wood’.

(i) Who composed the above lines?

(a)    Phoebe Cary

(b)   Coates Kinney

(c)    Robert Frost

(d)   William Wordsworth

(ii) Who is the speaker in this extract?

(a)    fat woman

(b)   St. Peter

(c)    the people of Northland

(d)   none of the above

(iii) The Father cursed the woman saying that she would have to

(a)    cook her the food

(b)   make a hole in the dry wood

(c)    live in the forest

(d)   toil hard for her food

(iv) Scanty food means

(a)    very little quantity of food

(b)   food for spoiling

(c)    food for giving someone

(d)   food for giving to animals

17. Answer the following question in about 30 – 40 words

Marks -02

Why does the poet say that no lands are foreign?


What does the poet wish for the snake?

Supplementary Reader (Moments)

18. Answer the following question in about 80 words

Marks -05

Describe how Prashant reached his village after the super cyclone


In the lesson, “A House is Not a Home”, the author thinks differently. But the actions of the school-mates change the authors understanding of life and people and comfort him emotionally. Mention at least two actions.

19. Answer the following questions in about 40 – 50 words.


Bring out the humour in the Butter episode when George and Harris packed.


Though the people called the prince “The Happy Prince”, it was crying. Why?

20. Answer the following question in about 30 – 40 words.


How did Behrman help Johnsy?


If Lushkoff was not a willing worker then why did he agree to chop the wood for Sergei?







  1. (i) a – smells, movements and sounds

(ii) c – joy, fear or anger

(iii)  c – complex process

(iv) b – intelligence and logical thinking

(v) c – communication

  1. (i) a – upper class Indians accepted them as role models

(ii) c – they were not promoted to senior government positions

(iii) c – his father

(iv) b— learning

(v) c – intelligent people

  1. (i) a – the headquarters of the commissioner

(ii) b – remains of the people who lived there

(iii) a- the beautiful houses that have now broken

(iv) a – waves and leaves

(v) c – trial



  1. Letter Writing


Letter Writing (Informal Letter)

Objective: To use an appropriate style.  To write an informal letter to family and


To plan, organize and present ideas coherently,

Marking: Marking should be in accordance with the following writing assessment


Content: 4 marks

Fluency & accuracy: 2 marks

Total                        : 6 marks

Value points

–          Name of the hostel

–          When, why and where you prepared the snack

–          Procedure

–          Reaction of the fellow students


–          Arranging two different dustbins

–          One for biodegradable and one for non-biodegradable garbage

–          Reason for selecting

–          Separating garbage at the source-level

–          Uses of separate bins.

  1. Articles Writing Value Points –  The Ladli Scheme

–          Relevant points related to the scheme ( If not mentioned, marks not to be deducted)


–          Motivation to girls to attain higher education

–          Self – sufficiency

–          Employment opportunities

–          Equal treatment to the boys and girls.

–          Any other relevant points

6.   Story Writing

Objectives: To develop a story,

To develop imagination and critical thinking

Marking:     Marking should be in accordance with the following writing assessment scale

Content:                        1marks

Coherent and Fluency: 2 marks

Total:                            3 marks

Value Points

–    They will develop the story on the basis of their own imagination.



7.  Objective: To test the appropriate use of grammatical items like prepositions,

Determiners, connectors, modals etc.

Marking: ½ mark for each correct answer                                  1/2×6= 3

(a)    all

(b)   through

(c)    the

(d)   of

(e)    each

(f)    which

8.  Objective: To test the use of proper tense forms and to test the ability to form

Words specifically nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs etc.

Marking:   ½ mark for each correct answer                           1/2×6= 3

(a)- (ii) tiring

(b)- (iv) escalators

(c)- (iii) magically

(d)- (ii)disappear

(e)- (i) actually

(f)- (iv)ride

  1. Objective: To test the use of reported speech

Marking:   1 marks for each correct answer

(a)- (ii) how he was feeling then

(b)- (iv) he was feeling

(c)- (iv) if he was taking

10.  Objective: To test the appropriate use of passive forms of verbs

Marking:  1 marks for each correct answer                           1×3= 3

(a)- (iii) has been decided

(b)- (iv) is hoped

(c)- (ii) will be solved

11. Objective: To test the ability of using clauses in a conversation

Marking: 1 mark for each correct answer

(a)- (iv) where you bought it from?

(b)- (ii) which is situated in Kamla Nagar?

(c)- (iv) how much it cost you?



Q. No.12    One mark for each correct answer.(5X1=5)

(1)  (b) pack for all of them for the trip on his own

(2)  (a) agreed to author’s suggestion

(3)  (c) strange

(4)  (a) sure of himself

(5)  (b) a humourous story about three friends who are getting ready for a trip

Q. No. 13   One mark for each correct answer. (5X1=5)

(1)  (a) APJ Abdul Kalam

(2)  (c) Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma

(3)  (a) wise and generous

(4)  (b)  she gave food to many outsiders

(5)  (a)  generous

Q. No. 14   (5×1= 5) Long Answer type Questions

Value Points

Baudhnath Shrine Pashupatinath

-No crowd/noise                                       -Atmosphere of great confusion

-Calmness in atmosphere                         -Noise & Crowd

-Small shops on outer road                      -People running here & there



She looks after him,-feeds with a bottle,-trains him a lot of tricks,-inconsolable at    Bruno’s departure,-refuses to eat anything,-sits with him for hours.

Q. No. 15   Any two questions (2×2= 4)

(i)  She brought down 500 kilograms of garbage from the Everest to clean the environment

(ii) Pushed him inside the cupboard & locked him with his presence of mind

& intelligence

(iii) Her talent, unwavering desire to succeed and readiness to sacrifice

Q. No. 16   MCQ (1×4= 4)

(1) (a) Phoebe Cary

(2) (b) St. Peter

(3) (b) toil hard for her food

(4) (a) very little quantity of food

Q. No. 17   Any one question out of 2 (1×2=2 marks)

-As we all live on the same earth in the same way


To save itself from the cruel hands, by slipping into reeds, water unhurt.

Q. No. 18   Long Answer type Questions (5×1= 5)

Took a long and strong stick, waded in water, had to swim, pushed dead   bodies of human beings and animals, found no villagers, and could meet his brother and sister at the shelter.


-They gave him school supplies; note books, clothes, sweat suits

-Introduced & invited him and made him feel happy

Q. No. 19 Short Answer type Question (3×1=3)

George stepped on the butter,-tried to put it in the kettle,–put it on the chair,-Harris sat on it,-searched for the butter.


To see the sorrows, miseries and grief of the people

Q. No. 20 Short Answer type questions (2×1= 2)

-Behrman painted leaf for Johnsy to make her feel better


Because of pride and shame, he had been trapped by his own words because of telling lies in one way or the other.