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CBSE Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test

The students would be automatically motivated to learn any subjects out of their own interests. Thus, the CBSE has got the idea right, and has accomplished an aptitude test that is entirely based on the students’ interests.

This time, the CBSE has taken an innovative step in reforming education, i.e. it has introduced the concept of ‘Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI)’, which is an aptitude test conducted nationwide in all the CBSE affiliated schools, but got to be accomplished only under the major constraint, which is in turn based on the interests of the students. Hence, the SGAI is been left to the schools to decide on it, and the schools should register the number of interested students through the CBSE official website. But, it wasn’t mean, as it is also conducting a training workshop to familiarize the principals and teachers, who are in turn interested in the concepts of CBSE’s SGAI and the teachers, principals can in turn educate the students about the aptitude test and its benefits.

Highlights of SGAI

  • One of the major significant features is that it is been designed to involve the students, based on their interests. Hence, the students who are not interested to take up the aptitude test are not compelled to do so. This would in turn make more people/students to become more interesting about the program.
  • This aptitude test would be focusing on the subjects, entirely adhering to the 12th standard CBSE syllabus. In a way, this concept would help the students in deciding upon the choices of major subjects/branches in their 12th standard and it could also be used as a tool, which briefs about the career choices in one’s life.
  • The participating students would be awarded a rank, by comparing all other participants across the entire country. By this way, a student is provided with an opportunity to know his/her stand on the basis of the whole country, much similar to a ‘National Talent Exam’.
  • It is a two and a half hours aptitude test, which is developed to measure the aptitude capacity of the students in the fields, such as, mathematical, scientific, art related, behavioral science, expressing emotional intelligence, social science and other interested areas. Thus, it is in turn a dynamic composure of both, intelligence and emotional quotients.
  • The marks obtained via SGAI would indicate the inherent capacity of the participating students, which is in turn accomplished via student-friendly environment.


There is no doubt about the standard of the CBSE aptitude test, as it is been tested, via many workshops and pilot tests in order to ensure the quality of the test. But, it has been suggested to consider it as, just an indicator, or a measurement tool in describing about one’s capability and capacity. The pilot test was accomplished by conducting for numerous students, who are gathered from more than 100 CBSE Schools, comprising private schools, government schools and government aided schools from different parts of the country. The thought of conducting a series of aptitude test, based on interest aroused, when a nationwide survey was conducted by the CBSE in all the CBSE schools, measuring/analyzing the perception of the parents towards aptitude tests, students’ responses on the same, besides teachers/principals perceptions on the same. The results of the survey were analyzed by a group of experts in psychometrics, selected psychologists, academic counselors, and experienced psychiatrists, hence there is no doubt, regarding the quality of the test.