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CBSE Class XII Admission

Admission to Class XII

(i) No admission shall be taken in Class XII directly. Provided further that admission to Class XII in a school shall be open only to such a student who:

  • has completed a regular course of study for class XI and
  • has passed Class XI examination from a school affiliated to this Board.

(ii) A student who has completed a regular course of study for Class XI and has passed Class XI Examination from an institution recognized by / affiliated to any recognized Board in India, other than this Board, can be admitted to a school only on the transfer of the parent(s) or shifting of their families from one place to another, after procuring from the student the mark-sheet and the Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the Educational Authorities of the Board concerned. In case of such admissions the schools would obtain post facto approval of the Board within one month of the admission of the student.

No student migrating from a School in a foreign country, other than the School affiliated to this Board, shall be eligible for admission unless an eligibility certificate in respect of such a student has been obtained from this Board. For obtaining eligibility certificate from the Board, the Principal of the School to which admission is being sought will submit to the Board full details of the case and relevant documents with his own remarks/recommendations. The eligibility certificate will be issued by the Board only after the Board is satisfied that the course of study undergone and examination passed is equivalent to the corresponding class of this Board.