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What we learn with pleasure we never forget.

iCBSE is one of the leading sites providing support to Indian students in many ways.It’s an established fact that the human mind is drawn to visuals first. That’s why motion visuals with sound make a greater impact, and is more effective in the learning process, than merely textbooks.

We march onward with our motto “Lean to Live”

Our vision is to be the most preferred CBSE Updates provider for school going students in India.

A glimpse into the features available on this site :

iCBSE Sample Papers : We provide latest CBSE Sample Papers and Questions Papers for Senior and Secondary Students.

iCBSE Help Center : This is a great feature of this site where students can discuss, ask and answer to each other.

iCBSE Exam Results : Yes we do provide latest Exam Indian Exam Results.

iCBSE Educational Videos : We have just added this feature in our site where students can find a list of cool education videos.


To be an excellent online supporter of Indian students, emphasizing on Indian values and culture and providing opportunities for the development of every child to face the challenges in Exams.


We have only one mission i.e : Helping students to score more…

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